THE BOOTLEGS STRIKES BACK- Daban 1/100 MG Strike Freedom MB ver.

With Dragon Momoko making use of obscure third party hop up parts and resin conversion kits to produce seemingly original releases, here comes another contender, the lesser quality Daban is stepping out into the limelight by releasing a ‘Metal Build’ version of the 1/100 MG Strike Freedom kit this November 2016.

For cheapskates and financially challenged builders this seems to be a triumph, no longer are they subjected to the whims of a money hungry greedy company such as Bandai when there are more friendly and cheaper alternatives such as Daban.

Before I go on about bitching on other things, let’s take a peek of the kit that Daban has produced.


Gold colored inner frame!

Holy CRAP! Look at that inner frame!! Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, it really is gold coated all over, not like the partial gold coating we get from the overpriced and outdated MG Bandai version.



The inner frame alone is enough for Bandai to make a run for their money. I have not seen any incarnation of the Strike Freedom with a fully gold coated inner frame so far. Your move, Bandai!


MG Strike Freedom MB ver front.

So many details, it’s like a Strike Freedom ver 2.0, if Bandai were to release one.


MG Strike Freedom MB ver rear

Just look at those chic edges and those intricate lines!

Here are more obligatory images of this magnificent bootleg without the wing unit.


The kit comes with all you see here, 6 pairs of hands, 2x beam rifles, 2x beam shields and 2x beam swords.

Here are more money shots of the kit.

The Daban MG Strike Freedom MB ver looks really stunning! It looks very much like what Bandai would produce, wait a minute… It IS something Bandai did produce! They don’t call it the “MB” version for nothing. The kit is actually based off from the Metal Build version of the Strike Freedom that was released by Bandai (Dec 2015). With it’s chic and cool new design, modders wanted to recreate it in 1/100 MG scale, so a third party plastic kit manufacturer released a sort of MB conversion upgrade kit for the 1/100 MG Strike Freedom kit. Dragon Momoko had been refurbishing resin kits and integrating them in their own productions, why can’t Daban do the same? They can seemingly produce original stuff and make a profit at the expense of other people’s hard work. Something about this production process of bootleggers doesn’t sit well with me.

Now, on to my bitching.

I can hear many cheapskates cheering over this bootleg release. A new upgraded MG Strike Freedom has been released by a bootlegger and it’s far cheaper than the old MG Strike Freedom of Bandai, guess what. The inner frame is still from the old Bandai MG Strike Freedom, the only thing new from it is the outer armor. There was a video on youtube about some plastic parts you can buy from somewhere that upgrades the regular 1/100 MG Strike Freedom into the MB version, a bit digging about it didn’t get me much further because the original web page that sells the item is long gone, but I found some build photos of it on facebook.


Taking a gander at the sample photos, the kit looks very detailed, but after seeing the build photos I kinda lost my enthusiasm about this kit, I mean look at it! It’s the quality you’d expect from a bootleg and the nub mark on the v-fin instantly turned me off, at least Bandai would have tried to hide those nubs. The details are not so sharp and the plastic looks cheap, so if you plan to buy this kit and put it beside the Freedom ver 2.0 you’ll immediately see the difference in quality. I have to admit, the ruby effect on the red plastic looks interesting.

If you’re looking for a cool looking Strike Freedom MG kit and you’re so cheap that you are deathly afraid of buying the legit Metal Build version, I suppose you can go for this kit. But I won’t get my hopes up if I were you because it’s basically the same old Strike Freedom MG kit only with a new flashy armor.


HOLY CRAP! I Spoke too soon!! Dragon Momoko is not about to let a low-class bootlegger such as Daban beat them to the profits. Here’s Dragon Momoko’s version and they are out in full force with sharper details and wing effect parts. Top that Daban!! Bandai will really have to make a run for their money now…


Image source:, Facebook; ggmara

14 responses to “THE BOOTLEGS STRIKES BACK- Daban 1/100 MG Strike Freedom MB ver.

  1. I don’t see the point in ridiculing others by calling them cheapstakes or financially individuals. I’d buy the kit just for the fun of the build alone and I have tons of Bandai kits. Some kits I have, i.e G-Systems, cost so much, I highly doubt you’d ever cough up that kind of money for. Doubt me just check out my YouTube channel under Quincent Saiorus speaks for itself smdh. All my years of building gunpla I’ve come to realize something awhile ago, a kit is a kit. Especially if it’s one fans have been asking Bandai to produced for years on end now, only to have our wishes fall on deaf ears. The quality of any kit is up the builder, in terms of plastic and feel you can compare it to Bandai all you want neither of which are ever perfect, is like comparing apples to oranges. Quality is how much you as a builder enjoyed the build, if you’re simply talking about QA control, we can ALL point out many of those in ANY Bandai kit great example loose joints, ON A BRAND NEW FRESH OUT OF THE BOX KIT, or simply just lacking thereof. Some of these other companies are offering metal etching, LED lights, effects parts, & detail-up parts along with the kits themselves. All of which Bandai never except for effect parts and LED lights which btw you have to purchase separately from 😑. Which cost damn near the same amount as the kits they’re intended for HIGHWAY ROBBERY and unfair to all of us period. Y’all need to stopped being so closed minded bashing Daban, Dragon Momoko & other companies alike and look at them for what they are. Just more companies that are also produced Gunpla kits giving us more to build of that which we love.

    • Dude, “cough up the money”? Those are fighting words. If you think that I’m so poor I cannot afford the kits you are ever so boasting that you can afford, guess what? I too can buy those. But the difference between us is that I am LAZY, and I admit it. I explicitly “HATE” working on overly complicated kits that take too long for me to finish, I do like a challenge every once in a while, but you see… If a kit is taking me a while to finish, it frustrates me to no end, so I stick to kits where I am comfortable working with. As for the “CHEAPSKATE” bit, yeah there are those people… Oh, how I loathe those people (especially newbies) posting on boards saying, “I bought this TT Hongli kit and it was hell to put together and it sucks! I don’t want to buy those Bandai things because they’re expensive, but I don’t want to buy those bootlegs because they’re crappy to work with”, and then there are those, “those old kits look crappy, Bandai never put enough effort in putting extra color separate plastics and they look tacky. Bandai never listens to what I want, yadda, yadda, yadda…” I have seen them all and it makes my skin crawl each and every time I see beginners bitch about how miserable they are because they can’t afford legit stuff and how they hate old cheap kits because they don’t look as cool as newer kits. IMO, if you are trying to get into a certain hobby say…Gunpla modeling, research it and at least learn a bit more about it first and MAKE SURE that you are comfortable with everything that goes with it! Are you by chance one of these people? Because it seems that I’m striking a nerve. Tell me something, how long have you been into Gunpla? 2 years? 5 years? or 18 years, like me? Yeah, I’ve been into the hobby since that long and believe me I have seen bootleg companies come and go, and I too used to collect bootlegs way, way back in 1998 during a time when MASTER GRADE kits were still unheard of in countries outside of Japan. How old was your very first kit? Was it a bootleg? I still have the very first kits I owned and they ARE bootlegs (they may even be as old as you are), I believe I made a post about one of them, check it out ( Are you sure, you’re still going to defend bootlegs? I have a shelf full of these, and they all turned brownish like shit. But the thing I noticed though, is that the Bandai kits that are only a year younger than the bootlegs haven’t turned into brownish TURDS yet and they aren’t as brittle. And about DM, Daban, TT Hongli etc… Yeah, they’re really trying to do their best to copy Bandai, and they are trying to put down their prices, but come on. Do you really believe in those crap you said? I seem to remember a bootlegger named “LW Dragon” and they have this moniker “Product of Honor” and they too claim they have “GOOD QUALITY CONTROL”, so believing this hubbub about ‘QUALITY’ I bought their 1/100 “Maidongzhanshi” kit (that’s Force Impulse Gundam, in your language) and yeah, a few weeks in the shelf and it became turd colored and brittle as well. To make the long story short, I really DO have bad experiences with bootlegs, I have wasted hard earned money for kits that are sub par to the original and I have garnered a deep grudge on bootleg companies taking advantage of people who don’t know any better. And if my harsh words will discourage beginners and other fellow modelers from buying bootlegs, I’m doing them a favor. So, don’t go preaching to me about not bashing on bootlegs. Ever wonder why third party resin kit manufacturers are expensive? Have you REALLY wondered why that is? Maybe it’s probably because they really do have talented artists designing their own stuff based on the illustrations from Sunrise (aka Bandai), what do DM and Daban, do? Well, they buy those resin kits, make plastic molds out of them and sell them cheaper. Now let me ask you, is it fair for those guys at G-Systems who created their own resin casts and then here comes DM, they take those resin upgrade parts and convert them to plastic model and then sell them for far cheaper? Have you seen me bash Third party resin kit manufacturers like G-Systems, GKModel, Super G, etc.? I love the hobby, and YES, Bandai is a dick (love them, or hate them), but they need to make money that’s why they do what they do, Resin kit manufacturers are awesome and I support their craft. But for bootleggers who leech off of other people’s creativity…Don’t make me laugh. If your conscience can allow you to sleep peacefully at night knowing full well that you are supporting opportunist thieves, I won’t judge you. But I’d rather support the real thing and the other individuals who create their own materials that compliment the original, than fall victim again to bootleggers who had already stolen from me.

      • It seems like you’re the one who took offense to my words. I’ve been building for 21yrs now jr so I highly doubt you or that you even have kits that are older than me. Nowhere in any of my words did I call you poor but that’s how you took it but I digress you’re rambling is that of a child. Like seriously you’ve been scorned your entire life by bootleggers because of choice YOU made. Sounds a bit too dramatic dude for real. No one made you buy those kits however many years ago, that was a decision you made ALL ON YOUR OWN. You’re not discouraging anyone at all with what you’re saying, then you want to question me and my integrity😑, like really lol c’mon now who does that. You being upset and having a personal grudge for whatever reasons isn’t a concern to any modder because it all come down to what they choose to do just as you did when deciding to purchase those any kit. “Fighting words” you say, that’s a joke if I ever heard one and to answer your question I still have EVERY single kit I’ve ever purchased from when I was a child up until now with a child of my own and still collecting. From when I moved to Japan, visited Hong Kong and so on. You can sit here and say oh how you hate to hear people’s bitching about this and that but yet you’re one of them even if it is about bootlegs. If you hate them soo much why even waste your time on them? You do know time and breaths are something we as human beings only have a certain amount of right. When our number is up is up, yet here you are doing what you so hate to hate bitching and hear I am trying to enlighten you plus you need to be honest and stop with the bs. ALL of us at some point or another have said “I wish Bandai made these parts instead of stickers” so who’re you trying to fool here😏? That, sir, is still bitching regardless of how minute it is. What I support is the making of kits period, so that all can enjoy the experience of doing so. You don’t like a company or a kit cool, it’s not the end of the world, why still bother with them in the first place if you’ve been so scorned. What’s done is done you’re not going to get that money back nor can you go back into the past and change it Marty Mcfly. I’m sure you’ve made enough over the years, so get over it. If you still have them and every time you look at them puts a bad taste back in your mouth, throw them out if you haven’t done so already instead of going on rants and tangents. Grow up get over it move on because regardless of what you say people are still going to buy what they want because guess what ITS THEIR MONEY lol. Your trivial feelings about bootleg kits means nothing to them at all whatsoever. Like you said you’re lazy right well some people are frugal and they still have a decent amount of money at their disposal. Another truth how many MB Gundams have been made and we were all wth why couldn’t they just have made that into a kit to be built, these companies are giving that opportunity. Now you’re talking about my conscience hold up bruh let’s rewind here, some of your words have been nothing short of offensive to others. None to me because I don’t know you and you don’t know me but to say the things you have with complete disregard for those people and whatever they may be going through in their private personal lives. If YOUR conscience lets you sleep peacefully knowing that you openly insult others life choices (even though you were one of those people before smh lol) that’s sad. Everyone isn’t fortunate to have money to spend like others hell like you and I are but that doesn’t mean it’s cool to belittle them. Bash the kits okay but the people nah, you asked is fair, I never said it was right but what does it boils down to money. My most expensive kit was a G-System kit costing over $700 not everyone can afford to spend money like that. Now would it be right for me to go off and say “You Bandai fanboys are cheap as hell. You can’t buy real kits worthy of your money, where you get more bang for your buck.” NO simply means I’ve been fortunate to have the money to purchase them. I personally know a few molders from my travels around the world and they’ve even shared with me their personal thoughts on this same matter and there is inner workings you know naught of my friend. Some for, some against, others indifferent and please stop saying they stole from you, you’re not a victim here. Cats like you who enjoy playing the victim role are a joke to begin with. Did the bootleg company you PURCHASED from mind you actually physical rob you, have you gunpoint, put a knife to your throat, ransacked your house, are you a designer for Bandai and they stole one of your patents NO! You willing gave them your money for what you thought looked cool and was going to be fun to build, not knowing of or better yet doing your own research for future instances. So woes you here’s the worlds smallest violin, a straw and some napkins to wipe those tears and suck it once you’re done playing the world’s saddest songs😑. Here’s the part that gets me you more than likely bought multiple bootleg kits even afterwards and mad now because of your past decisions (more than likely as a noob) thinking, hoping for a different better outcome but to no avail and you’re still crying over it😩😔. If you still bought any bootleg kits after gaining any kind of experience from your past tribulationas then that’s really on you for NOT checking into things firsthand bruh and for still going for them. Smdh you sound like a spoiled brat who just couldn’t have things go their way or the way they wanted them to go😑…

  2. And to add to what I said, that like bitching about a video game that’s you bought because it was trash and then saying the developers stole from you bruh😑

    • You’re saying it’s no different from buying from that shady guy who sells pirated DVDs in the corner, you know it’s illegal and yet you still buy from him because you enjoy movies? SERIOUSLY? Are you trolling me? Like you said, I am the type of guy who buys a video game and then bitch about it later when I find that the game I bought is shit and broadcast it, because nobody is telling others how bad it is. I do this so that others won’t spend their hard earned money on something shitty and be cautious of what they are in for. And you’re right, there’s no point talking to a person with a closed mind, like you. You don’t strike me as a person who loves the hobby, you give off the impression of a person who is just in it for personal glorification, and for boasting just to show everyone that you are better. Yeah sure, go ahead, buy stuff from the shady pirate guy, nobody told me that when I started on Gunpla so I went down the wrong path right from the get-go. And for years I’ve seen others do the same mistake so, I decided to take action and to take part on the responsibility of pointing others to the right direction. Yes, I bash the bootleggers, I say harsh words and yet you reacted to my thoughts. If you see it as a waste of time, then why did you ever went on with your rambling? We can go on and on with this exchange and we’ll not reach any conclusion, clearly, my writeups are not meant for you. If you like to buy bootlegs, fine, I have no qualms about it, I take it you already know everything there is in buying bootlegs, but what of the beginners who gets a bad taste from the start and began hating the hobby because they got shitty kits. If I scare off others from buying knockoffs then I have done my job. What about you?

      • This is how I can tell you’re a young simple minded individual. Seriously what in the world is there for me to even brag about 😑? Oh wait I can tell you, absolutely nothing… In fact why don’t you tell me what it was that I was oh so bragging about or where I said I was better than anyone don’t worry I’ll wait 😑. Nowhere in anything that I said did I speak in such a manner, I even said you want to bash bootleg kits, that is fine but it’s not right to belittle others and gave reason as to why. You’re grown and you don’t know this by now, then you still have much more growing to do. Did I say it was right to buy from the shady cats no I said it’s that individuals choice to do what they will with their money. Telling others that something is trash is everyone’s free will to do and are so entitled to do but don’t sit and play the victim role because of decision you made upon said purchase that led to a bad experience. Just because you had one doesn’t me it’ll be the same for everyone else. Forewarning them I get but degrading their character is what I can’t get behind because doing so isn’t right period. I like to buy kits period Bandai, third party, and/or bootlegs alike if it catches my eye I do my own research and go from there deciding whether yay or nay. Which is what everyone is and should be doing before spending their money on anything. As you stated you had a bad experience from lack thereof (some fault still to be placed at your feet) you made a choice and hated the outcome down the road now you’re all viva la resistance thinking your version of gunpla “tough love” works🤔. News flash bruh no it doesn’t 😑. Dude I’ll never forget my very first gunpla kit is was Bandai 1/100 HG Epyon. I had been building things for years Legos transformers and so forth, so I was under the impression what you saw on the box is what you got. Looking all around it I got excited like man this is so cool this is going to be so fun. Put it together and was disappointed as hell, why because it didn’t look like the one on the box, I had to put on stickers that barely stayed on, parts constantly falling off you name it. I was 10yrs old I had no idea back then that they needed to dolled up, what noob does and that age? Half my allowance gone upset and pissed oh hell yeah you bet to no end, felt like I was mislead by false advertisement most certainly without a doubt but not STOLEN from. Why because I decided to go to EB Games store and purchase it. Wasn’t until a friend of mine educated me about gunpla that same year that I understood and guess what he didn’t say anything negative about me or my character, he EXPLAINED THINGS😑. That’s how you properly inform and educated others, you know what else does ACTUAL REVIEWS and TESTIMONIES with said product or goods form said companies, showing exactly what’s what and explaining things. Not the ranting and ravings of an upset child who resorts to name calling, degradation, sarcastic patronization, false character assumption (which for some odd reason or another you seem to enjoy doing a lot smdh) ridicule and/or questioning another’s integrity. All that does absolutely nothing but make your words fall in deaf ears. As for me I’ve had tons of people ask me for kit advice and I’m always honest no other way to be in such an expensive hobby from noobs to advanced modders alike. Plus you’re wrong people all over the gunpla community are telling others if kits are bad or good. They’re just doing it the right way by talking about the kits in general and telling if the company producing them has been putting out the same crappy things for years. Not by saying anything negative about the buyer. So you can sit there and act high and mighty like you’ve never illegally downloaded something before or watched an anime online without having to pay for it but then look to others and say it’s wrong, that they’re wrong 🤔. That’s the kettle calling the pot black dude 😑 and another thing of note this writeup did nothing but glorify how good the kit looks regardless of what you said. Anyone would look at this say “that still looks cool no matter what B-Werx said” because nowhere in it are you talking about Daban OR Dragon Momoko OR how bad their kits are because of one you bought from either of them. Bruh your second paragraph does nothing but ridicule, demean, and sarcastically patronize others in a sad joking manner. How in the hell is that in any way, shape, form and/or manner informative🤔😑? Anyone can read that and just get turned off from it and be like “oh boy, another one… I’m not even going to waste my time reading this but I’ll look at the pics they posted though” mission failed there solid snake lol. You don’t educate someone who made a choice that turned out bad for by calling them stupid, you show and explain then introduce other avenues which they can go about which you, as a mentor, know for a fact they’ll get the good desired results their looking and hoping for. It’s called teaching/learning by example, the oldest teaching method in the book, you should try it out sometime instead of making your own asinine assumptions/conclusions about someone you know naught of and paying forward nonsensical jargon that will if not to purposely offend others. That’s a retarded and ridiculous tactic for you to use that makes other look and laugh at you thinking “You mad bro”. You and I both were beginners and had bad experiences, difference between us is, I never forget where I came from. Were you a cheapstake and/or financially challenged person back then that triumphed from that bootleg purchase? Were you sarcastically ridiculed because of that choice? Did you have your character and/or integrity questioned by another because of your lack of experience in this hobby? Did you end up becoming a noob who hates gunpla? I’m guessing NO because here you are still in this day and age doing what you love which is building, watching, enjoying, & lavishing in the world of gunpla and all it has to offer however many years later from that/those past even which you later learned from. Even after the fact of your shortcomings, your still a gunpla fan so why think it’ll be different for someone else to think that a noob would hate it from jump when they have us veterans to school them PROPERLY as to not make the mistakes we made. That works way better instead of us blasting them wouldn’t you say🤔? This is a social hobby for all to enjoy, not a condemning one so others can be scoffed at. I’d much rather tell a noob to by a cheap bootleg kit first to get a feel for it, make whatever mistakes, and come up with whatever ideas before sending them out to wolves of more expensive kit companies and possibly messing it up so bad that they can’t fix and/or replace a Bandai/third party kit any day.

      • Oh, Boohoo! So, you’re telling a beginner to buy pirated stuff from that shady guy, just to make your point? You mean to say you are deliberately going to mislead a person just to prove your argument? You EVIL person! You ARE aware that there are cheap Legit kits that are specifically designed for beginners, right? Because if you are woefully oblivious to that fact, I think you’ve been buying too many high-end kits so much you became blissfully unaware of that little detail. I see no point in contending with you any further. I already struck one too many nerves from you that I can feel your frustration from your responses. If my pointless ramblings are for naught, then how come I get to ruffle your feathers so much? Just goes to show that although I’m not as big as you are, my thoughts can still get a reaction from a high and mighty person like yourself. And from now on, every time you pitch about your great achievements, you’ll get reminded of your encounter with an insignificant cur like me.

      • Lmmfao😂 So you hear how you sound this isn’t game of thrones dude this is how I know you didn’t read anything I said except for them end of all I had to say. Duh Sherlock I know there’s beginner kits I’m looking at the overall big picture. You have some people that only deal with a particular scale vices others. You didn’t ruffle any feathers so to speak so what in the world are you talking about😑. Hear you go again with calling me out my name, you see to get under my skin would call for me to give some type of rebuttal to each and every time you’ve done so thus far and I haven’t not once. You are right about one thing though you are in fact insignificant to me and all that I do and whatever incorrect notions you may have of me I could care less. Whatever frustrations you lay claims to feel is solely on your end because there’s nothing for me to even been flustered about. Especially from the words of an unknown internet individual lol. You’re taking this far too serious 😂but I digress I enjoyed the banter. Happy new year bruh 😁

      • Lmao you’re still trying I see but to now avail dude. No one is acting cool I’m simply speaking the truth. None of your words amount up to anything to leave me unsettled young padawan lol and the only thing that is fact here is that words were said, opinions were shared and nothing more.

  3. Whoaaa..whooaaa….
    Now mr.good sir, I see that bootleg of yours turned brownish. How to prevent that? Does top coating or repaint it will do?

    My 1st, 2nd, n 3rd gunpla is also come from 3rd party. Well, I don’t care if its bootlegs or real bandai kits, it’s about the memories that I spent along with my friends, brother, and dearest people in those kits. and Gunpla is freedom btw. #CMIIW

    • I too have fond memories of my old bootleg kits, but bootlegs are bootlegs. It’s cheap for a reason and one thing bootleggers did to cut on costs is they put less of certain chemicals on their plastic formula (it’s one reason why cheap palstic feels flimsy and weak). There is a certain retardant agent for plastic that when less is mixed in the batch, it oxidizes much faster when it comes in contact with light. You can paint over it, but the yellow stain will penetrate the paint. You can prevent this if you keep your models in a controlled environment display case. But the yellowing can be reversed, it can look like new once more, but it’ll turn yellow again sooner or later.

    • Basicaly light is what degrades plastic, best option is paint, there is UV protectant paint, but it is not common for hobbies or easy to come by.

      So painting the whole kit, and avoiding direct sin light

      • Technically, it is oxygen that causes the yellowing, light, or specifically, UV (Ultra Violet) rays from sunlight is merely a catalyst for the oxidation process. You can keep the plastic kits in the dark, but they’ll still turn yellow albeit slower. 18 years ago when I bought my original bootleg collection, nobody knows where to buy plastic model paints and modelling tools, and nobody I ask even know if such stores existed. And there are no plastic modeller community in where I’m from and there is not much info about Gunpla from the internet back then as well. Imagine yourself in that era when you only have your wits and bootleg Gunplas to work with, what will you do?

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