Scratch Building Adapter Port for Action Base 2 and 1/144 HG G-Defenser

I just finished assembling the 1/144 G-Defenser from the P-Bandai pack for the RG Gundam Mark II. It’s nice of Bandai providing an adapter for the G-Defenser and the Mark II for this update, sadly they didn’t provide any connection adapters for the Action Base 2.


Here is the unpainted G-Defenser and there is no way I’m going to display this on my shelf like this, it needs to be mounted on an action base. The Flying Armor came with its own base, why didn’t Bandai did the same for this unit?

Groaning over it won’t make any difference, but I can do something about it. A few weeks ago I attempted to scratch-build a Gundam, but it has failed, so I’m salvaging the pla plates that I used and repurpose it as the adapter for the G-Defenser.


Here are the salvaged pla plates, judging from the shape you can already tell it’s for the forearms of my failed Gundam scratch-build, I’d really hate to cut out more from my remaining pla plates, so I’ll work on these instead. I used four layers of 1mm pla plates on this scratch-build. I already glued two layers at this point on the build and there are two more layers to go.


Finished gluing three layers, as you can see I have enlarged the square hole in the middle to fit on the action base. I marked another round hole where the G-Defenser will be connected.


This adapter will make use of the peg at the bottom of the G-Defenser that is used to connect to the Mark II Gundam.


After putting on the fourth layer, it’s time to retrofit the adapter on to the action base and see how it fits.


Here’s a closer shot of the scratch-built adapter.


Here’s how it looks like with the G-Defenser.


View from the bottom, as you can see the adapter is holding up well. Below are more pics of the action base-mounted G-Defenser.

Now, the G-Defenser looks like a proper flying model kit.


Here’s a shot of the G-Defenser with the 1/144 RG Sky Grasper with the Launcher pack. The long rifle of the G-Defensor is still longer in comparison with the Agni beam rifle of the Strike Gundam.


Here’s another side by side shot of the Sky Grasper and the G-Defenser.

I can proudly paint them and put them on display on my shelf as they are. I can’t wait till I get started working on my 1/144 LM G Falcon kit for the DX Gundam.



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