Gunpla Build: XXXG-01H 1/144 Heavyarms

I have been itching to build and upgrade an old 1/144 Heavyarms kit, being my favorite MS of all the GW units I can’t help but feel disappointed that this MS didn’t get enough love from Gundam fans. It was so insignificant that it never got a Kai version in the 1/144 kit line, and to add insult to injury, it never had a 1/100 HG treatment. For a Heavyarms fan, this is the only TV version I’ll ever get, that is unless somebody out there will sell me their B-Club 1/100 Heavyarms kit that they had forgotten they had tucked away and now they are no longer interested in building.

Now, on with the build! I got my hands on a reprint of the original 1995 1/144 Heavyarms kit (the one without the pilot figure).

ha_001The box is simple and quite small.

Kit parts come in two plastic bags and the good old assembly manual.


Assembly manual

There is something about this manual that’s very nostalgic. It reminds me of the time when Gundam kits for anime show that I watch is simple, yet elegant in a way.

The old 1/144 Heavyarms kit comes in four runners naming, A1, A2, B and the standard poly cap runner PC-110.
agr-t_001Getting started with the build, I’m using the regular kit assembly tools the side cutter, cutter knife, sandpaper and a brush to clean the dust from sanding.

ha_009I never realized that the manual for the Heavyarms is this short.

ha_010First in the build process are the feet and legs. As old kits are, the Heavyarms doesn’t have many parts for its feet and legs. The parts that make up the thigh, lower leg, and foot are two plastic parts snapped together. You can also see that the foot is in a single color, back then they don’t have much color separation for smaller parts.

ha_011At this stage, I’m putting together the waist and skirt armor. Although older kits don’t have much color separation on smaller parts, it’s nice of Bandai to provide the yellow parts of the front skirt armor and the crotch jewel.

ha_012Half of the Heavyarms is now complete, next is the torso.

ha_013The torso only has seven plastic parts and two poly caps, two for the waist, two for the chest, three for the chest cover, one poly cap for the waist joint and one for the neck joint.

ha_014The  arms are very simple. Like the legs, the upper arms and the forearms are two plastic part snapped together with two poly caps on each arm for the shoulder joint and the elbow joint.

ha_015Each shoulder armor is composed of three plastic parts. One of my complaints about the shoulder armor is that Bandai didn’t even make the back part into a separate color plastic like what they did with the cover.

ha_016At this point I forgot to photograph the head assembly, the head is composed of six plastic parts. The face is molded straight into the head armor so it has that flat-faced look.

ha_017Here’s the Heavyarms with the RG Wing Gundam EW ver.

Profile shots of the 1/144 Heavyarms.


A poor attempt at posing -_-

Here’s my attempt at posing the old Heavyarms kit, it’s painful to look at, I know. But that is the limitation of the kit technology of the mid-90s.

I have seen many noobs on the Gunpla modeling hobby bash on old kits, they say the old are horribly disproportioned and clumsy looking. I don’t find them clumsy looking, nor they look disproportioned, the head size is about the same as any other 1/144 scale, the arms and legs are in proportion with the body, then what is the problem? There is no problem in my opinion, only that these older kits have limited articulation and they don’t have many separate color plastic parts. The main thing is that these old kits look chunky. They look like they’re on steroids, just look at the Heavyarms, it’s so beefy! But I don’t see it as a problem, rather, I consider it part of the older kit’s charm, they look unique that way.

As I have promised in one of my posts (planned projects), I will customize/modify this old Heavyarms and install better joints for more pose-ability.


The work in progress will be on the next post!

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