Heavyarms Gundam Ver. Ka (EW) W.I.P.

Now that the Wing Gundam has been done, time to move on to the next project, the Heavyarms Gundam! It’s actually one of my most favorite Gundams of all time, well almost any of the Gundams with heavy fire power is my favorite. Now, on to the work in progress.

I have previously posted a picture of the completed unit last time, but it wasn’t painted. Now this time we’re gonna furbish it and fine finish it.

After disassembling the whole unit I first painted the orange parts. I used Mr. Color for the paint 60% yellow, 35% orange and 5% clear orange.

After coloring once the paint is dry, I apply the stickers and the decals. I do this so that when I get to putting on the top coat it will smooth out the edges of the sticker making it look like part of the paint job.

More updates to come once I get the chance to work on it again.

4 responses to “Heavyarms Gundam Ver. Ka (EW) W.I.P.

  1. Heavyarms is one of my favorite Gundams as well. He kicks butt. Looks like you are super all-business o.0

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