Gundam Mk-II A.E.U.G. 1/144 Real Grade

Well lookie what the cat dragged in! I went out the other day to claim my “certificate of Participation” and I bought along one of this, the new Gundam Mk-II A.E.U.G. Real Grade kit. I Although I already had the Mk-II Super Gundam 1/144 High grade kit stashed away in my old room somewhere, I just thought I have to have this as a sort of upgrade. Now realizing that they are of the same scale and same build I can safely assume that I can retrofit the G-Defensor unit and fix it to the RG kit, that would be cool! Though there is already a high grade kit of the G-Defensor & Flying Armor for the RG kit complete with stickers matching the RG ones, but meh… That kit is not available where I’m at, so I’ll have to bash a perfectly good kit for it.

Here are some eye candy , enjoy 😎


Box Contents


Instruction Manual

This kit is packed with so much detail that I can’t wait to assemble it! Well, gotta complete my current project first before I move to with this one,

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