BOOTLEG NATION: Daban 1/100 MG Sword Impulse Gundam!

They’re back, baby! Like stubborn weeds, they just won’t die off! Daban is back out in circulation and they are making a follow up to their last Impulse release (before the Bandai purge) with their own version of the Sword Impulse.

This has been floating around since the 20th of June (2019) and with some prophetic vision, I mentioned in my previous Daban Blast Impulse post if they are going to refurbish the other Impulse kits. Apparently, somebody must have been reading my ramblings because we are now being teased with this!


The bootleg stylized MG Sword Impulse by Daban. That purge didn’t even make a dent on Daban’s production schedule!!

This Daban version seems to be in the same style as the previous Blast Impulse they released, as of the writing of this article I have yet to find any definite release date, nor selling price. But we can expect this to be out within this year, or early next year (2020).


The new Daban Sword Impulse kit without the massive swords. Whatcha gonna do now, Bandai??

True to their stylized version, Daban went nuts with all those tacky 90s panel lines. But somehow, the revised Sword Impulse looks mighty purdy! It’s probably because it is in the same style sense as the “overpriced” Metal Build versions that Bandai is chucking out.


The upcoming bootleg Sword Impulse seems to be equipped with the standard Impulse weapons, plus the sword silhouette, of course.

Here are more sample money shots of this upcoming bootleg kit.



In line with the spirit of new bootleg kit packagings, the upcoming bootleg MG Sword Impulse will come in an all-white box, with some identifications.


Gone are the flashy kit images that adorn the box, Daban is keeping a low key with this plain white box style with some markings on it. They don’t want Bandai to be on their asses again!

Bandai may update their aging Seed Destiny kits like the Seed kits, or maybe not. This stylized Impulse will go great with the Strike Freedom MB version on the shelf. I won’t hold my breath up just yet for this kit. Not till there is any further Infos.

Sources: Hobby Planet FB page; Samueldecal FB page

2 responses to “BOOTLEG NATION: Daban 1/100 MG Sword Impulse Gundam!

  1. The seller that I always go on to when I feel the itch for a cheap and quick mg kit said: “Daban is alive and kicking. But not as bold as their previous act. They’re rereleasing some of their old models but in small quantity. ”
    That’s what he said anyways..
    I always wonder why there are no shortage of Daban kits in South East Asia. I think I got the answer.

  2. Update: Bootleg kits also uses the new box without their brand on it. Retaining those cool art, minus the brandname. It’s quite clever.

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