1/100 MG Heavyarms Igel Unit Release Info!


Plain ol’ Heavyarms EW (previously called ver Ka).

What else can make the already cool Heavyarms Gundam much cooler, you say? ADD MOAR KABOOM!


Hmn…Still needs more DAKKA!

Bandai recently released the 1/100 MG Heavyarms with the Igel weapon system and it’s scheduled to be out in October 2019 January 2020 for the price of 6,050 JPY (approx. 55.99 USD). This kit will only be available at the Premium Bandai shop, so… There is the kick in the nuts from Bandai. This is a follow up to the Shenlong Liaoya Unit that came out last May (2019), and the Drei Zwerg with the Wing Zero last January (2018). Unfortunately, P-Bandai has suspended pre-orders for this kit as the writing of this article.


Scalpers will have another field day with this release! Too bad for those who can’t get P-Bandai releases (like me). Oh well…

The kit comes with the standard 1/100 MG Heavyarms EW accessories, plus the Igel unit, as seen below:


The package includes the single beam gattling, shield, army knife, the beam saber hilt (to be used with Wing Gundam beam saber effect), and the Igel unit.

This release feature new molding for the Igel unit!


Just lookit them exquisite details!

The hatches open much like the standard Heavyarms missile hatches.


Rear leg-mounted tank treads for added stability and mobility!


Them tank treads can fold and extend.

Here is more money shot of this glorious kit.

With the look of things, Bandai seems to be in the mood to release the armament systems featured in the Wing Gundam EW GOL manga. We could expect a release of the Armadillo for the Sandrock and the Rousette for the Deathscythe. Heck Bandai might even repackage the Drei Zwerg unit for the Wing Gundam EW. My only gripe about all this is that one has to buy an entirely new kit just to get the armament and a P-Bandai at that. With my luck, I can only get this from second-hand sellers that would charge extra. It would be nice if Bandai would release this as a supplement kit, I’m pretty sure they will still make good money out of it.


Source: Gundam Kits Collection

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