Bootlegs New Packagings!

Late last 2018, news of Bandai going after bootleggers in China were all over my Gunpla community feed, but as soon as they were taken down, new bootleggers were also popping up! It had been reported that SuperNova was one of the bootleggers being shut down, but right after that news broke out a new 1/100 MG Wing Zero kit surfaced in an all-white box being attributed to SuperNova. The logo in the box is “Mo Xin”, but it’s also called “Mirror Heart SuperNova”. Could it be that the main company of SuperNova escaped Bandai’s purge and rebranded itself as “Mo Xin”?

Recently, I keep seeing exchanges in the Gunpla community concerning these plain boxed kits and they’re all over the place! Now, releasing a new bootleg kit in the aftermath of Bandai’s purge might gather unwanted attention, so these new bootleggers got rid of the flashy boxes and opted for a plain all-white look with nothing more than a brand logo and some writings.


The new bootleg 1/100 MG Wing Zero by “Mo Xin” a.k.a. Mirror Heart SuperNova.

This new Wing Zero kit is claimed to be based on the Fix Figuration Metal Composite since it’s scale is close to 1/100 scale, it’s a bootlegger’s favorite model to convert into a kit and then sell it for cheaper. The kit has a lot of parts and comes in two boxes marked as A and B.

Just look at it, with a plain box it looks a lot shadier now than before!


Nothing else screams ‘CONTRABAND’ than a plain white box being sold by shady third-party wholesalers.

The bootleggers at the time must have realized that plastering their brand on the box might give them away so they thought of doing away with the brand logo and writings altogether and just put the suit’s faction symbol on it instead. The newly resurrected Dragon Momoko did just that! They are still recovering and just rebranded themselves to MJH (although many are still unsure if it really is DM), they ditched the flashy box and opted for a more subtle look and that’s what they did with their new releases like the Barbatos kit that came out almost the same time.


The Barbatos bootleg kit box, there is no logo, nor any writing just the Tekkadan symbol. Can you tell that this is a Gunpla kit just by the box? I CAN’T!

And here’s another box for the Astraea kit from Gundam 00 by Hobby Star. Look at that all black and some neon thingies, there are no other identification and stuff!


Is this HG, MG, PG??? What Astraea is it??? I’m confused…

Boy! These bootleggers sure are getting smarter by thinking of ways not to gather attention to themselves with this new packaging tactic. For a casual builder, these kits might go under their radar unless they’re really looking for the shady stuff then they will know what to look for. You can just imagine how the conversation in the shop would be like.

Like weeds, these bootlegs keep cropping up right after they’ve been pruned. It may take a while for Bandai to come at them again since going after these runaway brand thieves takes time and a lot of money. Who knows, maybe one day when Bandai would come after them again they would think of some other crazier workaround on getting unwanted attention (especially from Bandai).

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