It’s finally confirmed that Daban Model is no more! The news had been out there since August of last year and we now finally see an official document release from Bandai’s official Weibo page about the takedown of another infamous Gunpla bootlegger. It had been reported that Bandai had already filed legal action against Daban Model way back in August of 2018, but confirmation of the takedown only surfaced fairly recently. Unlike Dragon Momoko that specialized in copying and producing certain Gundam designs, the Daban Model is much bigger and has copied so many Gundam kits which may be one of the reasons why they took longer to bring down. Below is the official document from the Bandai Weibo:




With the scale of Daban’s operation, it will take a while before all the Daban bootlegs will be gone from store shelves. With this, Bandai is claiming what is rightfully theirs, it’s not that Bandai is a bully, in this case, Bandai is the victim of theft and the money spent on buying inferior bootlegs could have been spent on developing new kits for the enjoyment of the people who are into the hobby of Gunpla. There are so many ranges of Gunpla model lines to choose from which also range in prices from the cheap to the expensive. One just needs to find what works for them and their budget. It’s hard to tell whether there will never be new Gunpla bootleggers in the future, but many are hoping that other modelers will do the right thing with regard to supporting the Gunpla hobby.


Sources:Bandai Weibo; GundamkitscollectionGGMara

One response to “BOOTLEG NATION: DABAN Shutdown – OFFICIAL

  1. I think one reason daban proliferated is that some of their models are better reimagined and appealed better to some builders.
    Another thing is the limited supply of certain models because of the P-Bandai releases.

    Just sharing my observations. 😉

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