1/144 JDG-00X DEVIL GUNDAM Mod Images

Here are some of the photos I took of my modified Devil Gundam a.k.a. Dark Gundam. Mod details can be found on related posts, you can find the links below if you’re interested.



The Devil Gundam in it’s M.A. mode or ‘Gundam Head’ mode.


I bet you can make a really huge Gundam out of that big Gundam Head!

Size comparison with the FCHG 1/144 God Gundam


The 1/144 Devil Gundam is somewhat disappointingly small for its scale, unlike its massive anime depiction.


The end of the Shining Gundam at the massive hands of the Devil Gundam!!


The burning fists of the God Gundam about to rip a new porthole on the Devil Gundam’s chassis!


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