1/100 HG Gundam Nataku Repair Work

Some years earlier, I had a dream of converting the 1/100 MG Shenlong Gundam into a 1/100 MG Nataku (a.k.a. Altron) as many modders have already converted some and they look really good (as seen below)


Model built by HF_CLAM2005. The kit was built using the old 1/100 HG Nataku Dragon Fangs and the 1/100 MG Shenlong.

With that in mind, I hastily bought a bunch of 1/100 HG EW kits (yes like Henry, I too am a Wing fanboi) and one of them is the Nataku to be used as parts fodder for the MG conversion. So, I started chopping some pegs on one of the Dragon Fang brackets so that I can retrofit it to the MG Shenlong as seen below.


I started chopping off pegs, luckily I didn’t ruin the other bracket.

The project got sidetracked due to RL stuff, but sometime later Bandai released a proper MG Altron, even though it was a P-Bandai (I did manage to get my grubby mitts on one and I had to repair that one as well, see here) I suddenly lost interest in converting the MG kit. Now, I’m left with a damaged 1/100 HG Nataku! I decided to just mod and then paint the original Nataku kit as it is, but now it’s missing half of its weapons. Now, on to the repair!

First, I measured the pegs and found that the thick posts are 4mm, good thing I already bought 4mm rods!


4mm rods to be used to replace the missing posts.

Next, is to cut the 4mm rod to the same length as that from the surviving counterpart piece.


See me cutting the 4mm rod using a mini saw.

I salvaged another post from a previous mod work and found that it was the same size I needed for the missing post, so I reused it with its peg and transplanted it using a Tamiya thin cement on the Nataku!


The 4mm rod and the salvaged post and peg installed on the Nataku’s Dragon Fang bracket.

Retrofitting the repaired part on the forearm.


Retrofitted the repaired part on the forearm to see if the repaired part fits.

Weight test seems to be a success!


The repaired bracket can hold up the heavy armament.

The repair job seems to be a success, the part is holding up pretty well. Now, it’s good as new! I can proceed to mod some joints for better pose-ability and then paint it later.



With all this 1/100 Altron/Nataku repair I did with my kits, it kinda leaves me with a sort of stigma that an Altron kit is somewhat fragile mainly because of its Dragon Fang brackets that are made of flimsy pieces of plastic that can easily be damaged, or broken. Or it could just be me.


Source: Image from Gundamkits Collection

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