Just like the Tallgeese, we got a proper 1/100 MG regular release, and then we got a 1/144 RG regular release. And like its larger counterpart, Bandai socks many GW collectors/ completists who have no ability to buy online stuff in the nuts with this release. Yes, it’s the FIRCKIN’ TG II, like its large counterpart, this fella is also a P-Bandai release… DAGNABBIT!

This kit is set to hit the hobby shelves this December 2018 for the price of 2,700 JPY (approx 24 USD).

Let’s take a gander of this upcoming (virtually unattainable for some) Tallgeese II kit. Below are the front and rear view of the model.


The kit also comes with the armaments pictured below.


The Tallgeese II comes with its iconic dobber gun, a shield, 2x beam sabers, 6 pairs of manipulators (splayed hands, gripping hands, clenched fists), a trigger hand, and crossed hands to recreate the TG II’s legendary pose leading Oz’s hapless troops to their certain doom.

look at that awesome pose! That is Treize’s iconic pose before he met his demise at the hands of his best friend.rg-tallgeese-II_08.jpg

Here is another great pose you can do with the RG TG II ordering his ill-equipped troops to their certain decimation.


Forward men! To oblivion!

With the RG TG II and a whole bunch of space type Leos (seen below), you’re all set to recreate the massacre those poor Oz pilots were lead in to.


They never had a chance…

But you’ll need a lot of pocket money to afford these Premium kits! (Wish I get a sponsor so I can buy lots of this stuff.)

Now! Let’s continue to ogle at the magnificence of this Premium kit.

Below are more promo images of the RG Tallgeese II.


Source: P-Bandai site

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