Oo! They got a video for this release!!


The upcoming EW Wing Gundam Hi-Res kit set to hit the store shelves on February, 2019 for the price of 14,580 JPY (approx 129 USD). Reservation for this kit starts on 28 September at the P-Bandai site.

It’s hip! It’s new! And it’s a variant of the XXXG-00W0 inner frame, it’s the Wing Gundam EW!! I remember a time way back when this design was called the Ver Ka (Katoki). No thanks to those bootleggers who keep blinging up original Bandai design we are now treated to an official Bandai blinged up kit with more parts and articulated appendages than you can shake a stick at. Check out the new Wing Gundam EW in Hi-Res with more chic, rounded and more mechanical aesthetic that would make the 1/60 PG version run and hide from embarrassment for its lackluster in comparison to this kit! Think of it as the RG version of the PG. I’d be foaming at the mouth ogling over this magnificent kit, but due to my failing finances I won’t be able to afford this upcoming kit just like the previous Wing Gundam Zero Hi-res and so this kit will just end up on the same list like that one, my wishlist (I’m up for sponsoring if anybody is interested, hit me up Bandai folks!) My financial situation aside let’s check out the details of this godly kit that spawned from the Boyband series of the Gundam Universe!

Let’s begin with a simple standing pose. This MS looks so menacing that many Oz grunt pilots are already soiling their pants just by seeing its silhouette. Just look at that beast of a kit! Unlike bootleg kits that need to start off with an action pose to make a good first impression, a simple standing pose speaks volumes to what this guy has to offer. The pointy areas are extra pointy and that mean look screams that this guy means business. HAH! Let’s see SuperNova top that design!


The rear has a lot of them frilly frills that could snag on any loose fiber that would come its way near its display case making it a falling hazard, but hey! You got them pointy thingies many of you guys love so much!


More images of this glorious kit to ogle at!

Did I forgot to mention that this kit can also transform! HO-LEE SHEET!!


Unlike the original ver Ka kit that came out in 2004, this guy comes with a stand adapter! Wow, that is how far Bandai has gone in terms of design improvements! Unlike the Ver Ka, or the regular MG Wing Gundam EW the transformation doesn’t seem to require the hips to twist. Anyway, this is a cool addition to any GW collectors, or for those who are looking for a blinged up kit that has a lot of cool gimmicks.


Source: P-Bandai site

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