Gunpla Mod Build: 1/144 JDG-00X Devil Gundam 2


After the modification works is the painting part. Not much has been documented on the painting part though.


Grey primer applied on the torso.

I applied 4 to 5 coats of primer on all the parts and then proceeded to painting the rest of the kit.


Here are the painted torso and the hip. The face plate for the Devil Gundam MA transformation has been fixed on the body and can be tucked away at the back in Gundam mode. Now there is no need to remove it!


All parts fully painted and ready for assembly!

Below is the fully assembled and painted modded Devil Gundam. It turned out pretty nice! I went for the original look as I prefer my kits to look more like the ones I see on the anime show.


Below is a side by side size comparison with its contemporary 1/144 God Gundam. I plan to give the God Gundam the mod treatment sometime in the future as well.


The Devil Gundam in full height side by side size comparison with the 1/144 God Gundam.

As you may have noticed, I have installed a clear green lens on the chest of the Devil Gundam. I did that so it’ll match up if it were put on display with my newer HGUC kits.


Below are more pics of the Devil Gundam in its crouching pose.


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