BOOTLEG NATION: DABAN Model Next on the Chopping Block

I keep seeing this, “DABAN will be limited soon” Thing all over the Gundam community posts, could it be that DABAN is up next on Bandai’s chopping block?


It could be traced back to this old news.

After the fall of the notorious Dragon Momoko brand, Bandai seems to be continuing their pursuit in shutting down companies that are stealing their Intellectual Properties a.k.a. bootleggers, and it seems that it is DABAN’s turn to be taken down next.

Although other people tend to call them “third party” manufacturers, the reality that they are IP thieves never cross their minds, either that or they just ignore that fact altogether and just blame Bandai for bullying these so-called small companies. People who cry the loudest are the ones who are entirely dependent on bootlegs or those who claim to be connoisseurs of the hobby that they have transcended beyond the proper IP brand recognition and the adherence to laws encompassing copyrights.

Either way, comments like, ‘DABAN might be gone soon’ keep popping up in comments more frequently lately. Although my research on the matter has not yielded any substantial information whether this rumor is true or not, we can be certain that Bandai is doing legal steps to protect their Intellectual Property from illegal and unlicensed manufacturers. The news of Bandai taking down DABAN has been floating around the web since 2016, but one can say that the same scenario has already happened where hints of DM being shut down trickled all over the Gunpla communities long before the official news came out, it’s like an ominous feeling of Deja vu.


It seems that Bandai has already taken down stores and warehouses selling bootleg kits naming DABAN and other bootleg brands.


Screencap of the original Gundam Central Group post

A post from the moderator of Gundam Central Group has posted on their facebook page the following:

Bandai has taken action against local market store selling Daban and other 3rd party kit this week. Most of the store and market are noticed in advance before the action. But 2 of the most largest warehouse store of the local regional distributor has been checked by Bandai and was forced to close for 7 days. There will be a delay on the shipping for this week and some of the supply may be in short before the law action ends (The action say to last for 5 days). We are 100% good and operating normally, but need to be careful. And Daban factory is still good, only some of its distributor store has been checked by Bandai (It seems the MB Blue Astray is a curse for all the 3rd party factory)

The post has been up for a while, I was not able to access it as I am not a member of the group, but a fellow Gunpla hobbyist took a screen cap of the update. It seems that shutting down stores and warehouses are the first step, but taking down the factory may take a while. Until then, all we can do is wait and see.


Welp… I suppose it’s time to collect as much DABAN kits as possible for future…erm…references.


Sources: React365; Ryan FB post; Gundam Central Group

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