BOOTLEG NATION: Super Nova 1/100 MG Heavyarms Custom

This news had been out since August 11th, or earlier, but I’m not one to miss out on a post about new GW kits in my blog whether it be Bandai or bootleg.

Our intergalactic named bootlegger has finally come through with their release of their customized Heavyarms Custom (hee hee custom). They teased us back in 2016 but with the demand of a Heavyarms bootleg is on the rise and the outcry of those who felt that they were wronged by not getting this release soon got louder, Super Nova was forced to work on the Heavyarms release anyway. Like their previous releases, there is no shortage of flamboyance in the overly stylized design of this upcoming Heavyarms Custom kit. But some people found that this release lacks the pointy toes and other pointy things that were not normally pointy to be less pointy. But it has those pointy shoulder thingies and those claws on its feet, that counts as pointy, right?

According to the SuperNova page, this bootleg is set to hit the bootleg shelves by September although no official price was listed, some hobby shops mark this at 43 USD! Now, let’s take a gander at the new bootleg, shall we?


Front view without armaments. Is it just me, or this thing just looks mean!?


The rear view without armaments. Wow! look at those folded appendages for the double Gatling guns.

The Heavyarms is built like a tank, and it’s more suited as a ground type mobile suit, there’s nothing much that can be done to it really. But what can make the Heavyarms look cooler, you say? Add MORE guns!


Hmn… Needs more dakka!

This beast of a kit comes with four, yes! Not two, but FOUR! Double gatlings that can be mounted at its back (as seen above). It also comes with 2 Pierro masks and waterslide decals. Wow! what an improvement!! Move over Bandai, we have a bad-ass here.


The four double gatling guns.

Here are more money shots of the grey prototype.

And here are some more photos of the sample product. Look at that, it seems that the light blue stripes are separate color plastic!

And here’s a side by side comparison of Bandai and SuperNova. Just look at that smug bootleg kit! It’s as if SuperNova is saying, “Bandai SUCKS! We are better than Bandai, they should just give up designing useless Gundams and let the bootleggers that do a better job manufacture these kits and never give them a piece of the profit!”


Is it just me, or does the SuperNova kit look bigger? If the Bandai design follows the scale size, then this makes the SuperNova kit a non-scale.

But judging the bulk of the SuperNova Heavyarms, its proportions closely resembles that of the old HG 1/100 version, and those tacky 90’s panel lines. I think I’ve seen that in a mod resin kit before.


Too many lines… Probably just my imagination.

Unlike the other GW main suits, there’s not much anybody can do to improve the Heavyarms, that’s why it didn’t change much when it was upgraded for space combat except add more guns. And what better way to improve it is to give it even MOAR GUNZ!!



I’m fine with the Heavyarms design, I’d be more interested if we’ll get the Igel system as an add-on kit, or the DamselFly.

Sources: GGMara; SuperNova Weibo; SuperNova FB; GundamGuy

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