Gunpla Mod Build: 1/144 JDG-00X Devil Gundam


Most of us have seen these old 90’s kits and many new modelers shun them for being too outdated and why hasn’t Bandai been listening to their wishes and stuff. In short, many don’t like them. But despite the age of these kits, I do find them appealing as they have their own charms. Any good modeler can make these oldies stand up to newer kits if they’re given some TLC. And I’ll share some of the mod works I do with these oldies, here I’ll be working on the Devil Gundam.

Let’s start with those awkwardly tiny polycap hands, those things must go! So, we’ll replace them with these!!


1/100 EX Mechanical Hands (Round).

Since it’s the same height as a 1/100 kit, it is fitting that it has matching hands. And we need to break that balloon red shoulders, so I ripped out the faux vents and replaced them with a ridged panel to look cooler.


I carefully cut out the panel to be replaced.

Next is the mod work for the shoulder joint and elbow joints.

First, is design a simple elbow joint. Like my other works, this is based on MG elbow joints.


Although it looks blocky now, it will be machined to look neater later.

Mark the part of the bicep to be cut for the swivel joint.


Anybody wondering what I used as a marker, I used a pencil.

I then cut the bicep using a mini saw.


I closed up the open bottom part of the shoulder joint and put a peg on it. As you can see, the elbow joint has been refined and another peg joint has been installed on it to be used as a connection to the forearms. A polycap is installed on the forearm to allow the elbow joint to be

Although the Devil Gundam has bulky legs, there is no reason for it not to have knees! I’ve seen other modelers install knees to the Devil Gundam, and there are many ways of putting knees on this old kit. But I prefer to use similar engineering design as to how Bandai put knees on the MSIA version, and so I came up with this:


It was a trial and error, but I ended up with a design that I think that perfectly emulates the look on the box.


This joint design allows the legs to bend as far as physically possible without it looking like two chopped off halves of a chunky leg.

Detail check! Now, the chunky Devil Gundam is looking a lot cooler. gg-devil_g-51.jpg

Some closer shots of the modified kit.


It looks cooler, but there is still a problem, the small polycap hip joints can’t handle the added weight to the kit, thus, the legs flop when you lift it up and it can’t hold a pose for too long before toppling down. The hip polycaps need to be replaced by a more robust ball joint.


The legs flop down when lifted.

I installed a square joint, but it can’t handle the stress and broke, this happened on both replacement joints. The problem was fixed by replacing them with rounded sockets.


The square ball joint sockets easily broke on their weakest area as seen in the photo above.

The Devil Gundam with upgraded hips and joints. Now it can hunch down to emulate its iconic pose.


Here is a size comparison of it with the 1/144 Physalis. Now, the Devil Gundam closely resembles its scale size, although it certainly is still bigger than the regular 1/144 G Gundam kits.


I wanted to go all out on this mod work and I really wanted it to emulate its MA transformation. On the illustrations, the Devil Gundam’s toes fold when it transforms, so I just had to emulate that too! So, I cut off the toes using the mini saw and installed joints on them, there were 6 joints on both feet.


The toes can fold down just like in the illustrations!

Here is what the feel look like after I installed joints on them.


You can see where I cut the toes with where the light grey pla plates are.

After functioning joints were installed, I added some details to fill in those plain looking areas.

And finally, the mod work is all finished. Now it can hunch and grab and transform just like in the G Gundam show. I can’t wait to paint this fella and display in my shelf in a battle pose with the 1/144 HGFC God Gundam!


I hope this little work in progress post gave you an idea of what you can do with your Devil Gundam kit. I’d love to post the finished work photos, but I don’t have a decent enough photo booth, but maybe I may be able to put them out one of these days. It would be nice if I have a sponsor for it tho.


One response to “Gunpla Mod Build: 1/144 JDG-00X Devil Gundam

  1. Great work on those joints,sir! Just a thought about the hands. I feel that the kotobukiya wild hands would be perfect for this kit’s menacing look, but other than that, really admiring your work on scratchbuilding the joints both on this guy and on the 1/144 heavyarms. Looking forward to the finished build!

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