GUNPLA BUILD: 1/144 JDG-00X Devil Gundam


After ages of hunting I finally got my hands on a 1/144 Devil Gundam kit, oddly enough, it was renamed Dark Gundam in the English dub.

A Short history:

In my area, the first Gundam series that got airplay that I could remember was Gundam wing, It was then followed by Gundam G. Back then, since these two were the only known Gundam series that had local airplay, I thought that the G Gundam series was an odd spin-off of the Gundam franchise, oh how ignorant I was. Anyway, I knew all five main MS of the G Gundam series had a model kit, but I heard from a friend that the Devil Gundam has a kit as well and it was huge! I had that idea of having a Devil Gundam in my collection, but I have no idea where to buy one. Fast forward 17 years later and here I am, mangling the kit that took me more than a decade to acquire. First, let’s start with the unboxing and then the build.

Let’s get to it then!

The Box:


Front view of the box.


On the right side of the box, you will see the list of the 1/144 kits that came before it that you can collect! I find it weird that the G-04 (Rose Gundam) is not included in the list.

The rest of the box:



The box contains 4 bags of parts and an assembly manual.

Parts Trays/Runners:

Despite the size of this kit, it only has 4 runners (A, B, C, and D) and a universal polycap runner for the G Gundam kits, PC-107.


Putting this kit together is easy-peasy, but the thing about it is since it’s an old kit, you can’t expect it to be as complicated as newer kits.


It’s a hollow balloon.


Here’s what the shoulder armor and bicep look like when assembled, not that good looking, huh?

Another thing is that the parts fitting isn’t all that seamless as we see in the image below.


It looks okay in one angle, but once you shift your view of it, you will notice that horrible misalignment.

All in all, it’s a fairly simple straight build, you don’t need to do anything fancy.

Completed Build:

Here’s the Devil Gundam in all it’s full unpainted glory. Despite its balloon-like build, it does look pretty cool. I also like the simple color scheme of it, but as you can see it’s far from perfect. There are a LOT of color mismatches like the blue chest piece is in dark blue, the back skirt is in white plastic, and the waist is white as supposed to be yellow etc…


Front view of the Devil Gundam.


Rear quarter view of the Devil Gundam. It looks so clean…

Other views of this glorious kit:

Another view of the balloon shoulders:


It looks all fluffy!

Size comparison with an MG 1/100 Shenlong Gundam. As you can see from the image below, they are almost the same height.


As expected of an older kit, the Devil Gundam has very limited articulation, the arms can be rotated 180 degrees, and can be extended out on the sides a bit until the bulky shoulder armor gets in the way. The legs can be rotated nearly 90 degrees forward and back although the back skirt will get in the way. The hands swivel in a ball joint, so are the feet. It can be transformed to its MA mode, that is the huge Gundam head.


Transformed the Devil Gundam (head only) and it makes a super deformed head for a 1/100 MG.

Painting this kit won’t do it much justice, I’ll have to modify it!

Mod work updates will be on my succeeding posts, so better keep a watch out for that, if you want to get some ideas on how to mod your own Devil Gundam!

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