Bootleg Nation: Dragon Momoko is Back!?

Like a phoenix rising up from its ashes, like pesky weeds that you keep uprooting, but still manages to keep popping up it seems that the hearsay and the whisperings are true…

The head may be in jail, but the company is still alive. Earlier today I was surprised to see this in my news feed!


Like Schwarzenegger from the Terminator, “I’ll be back!” so they are back?

An HOW LEE SHEE!! Everybody lost their wits!! The Dragon is back and they are kicking off with a new product, the Astray Blue Frame…?

Somebody called ‘Hikutsune’ posted on Reddit a few hours ago about their upcoming release of the Astray Blue claiming that it will be by DM (Dragon Momoko), but the plastic quality may not be the same as their previous works it says. and then later posted at the comments:

Ah I forgot to mention this, we are back!

Could it be that the surviving staff really did relocate to another South East Asian country? Or is the guy currently in jail just a fall guy and the actual mastermind is still at large? You can see the post HERE.

Wow, this Dragon Momoko saga is getting more interesting, it’s something out of a movie about extermination and survival. I think this is the third time this resilient bootlegger managed to make a come back from certain demise. You know what they say, nothing can stop a bootlegger from getting their profit even if it lands them in jail. It hasn’t been that long when the Gunpla community was shaken by the news of Bandai’s takedown of Dragon Momoko and just a few months after the owner of DM was sentenced to prison this comes up. Maybe he paid bail…?

People who are feeling cheap can breathe a sigh of relief and rejoice with the rise of their beloved bootlegger from the grave. It seems that bootlegs are an unavoidable part of almost every hobby these days. Earlier I also came across a post from what seems to be a program from NHK (Japan) about what was said to be a Bandai owned figure research facility featuring an employee describing their work on a current project and an incredibly eagle-eyed fan who goes by the name ‘Yoghi’ noticed something on the background.


Something’s wrong in this picture, did you see it?

Lo and behold, a frickin’ Unicorn Fighter…


For those who are not in the know, the monicker ‘Fighter’ on bootleg Gunpla kits is a sort of trademark by another notorious bootlegger, Daban (Dragon Momoko’s sworn enemy). WHAT THE HECK IS A BOOTLEG DOING IN THERE!? The true answer to that, we may never know. It could be that Bandai is deconstructing Daban’s work for research purposes? I tried looking for the original post, but I wasn’t able to find it. Anyway, this may just mean that bootlegs are here to stay, everybody has their own stand on this, but in the end, it is still up to the hobbyist if they would prefer to do the right thing, or just be cheap and feel entitled…

Source: Reddit r/GunplaI BUILD GUNDAM MODELS!!!!!!!AND IM PROUD!!!!!!!

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