1/100 MG Space Type Leo Converson Parts

The people at RazorConcepts have done it again! You want a 1/100 (non-scale) space type Leo for your collection, but you can’t find any in the market? Worry no more for there is a conversion kit you can buy to convert a 1/100 MG Tallgeese into a space type Leo!!

Produced by RazorConcepts, the parts are available on their shop via shapeways* and you can get it for 28.28 USD! The pack fits snugly at the back of the MG Tallgeese and the smaller thrusters on both ends of the tube can be rotated 180 degrees.


The part is 3D printed in 4 pieces.

Now you can build an army of MG cannon fodder grunt kits recreating scenes before their utter decimation in the hands of the Gundam boyband team.

Just look at that magnificent creation! It won’t fall out of place in your shelf alongside the 1/100 resin Mercurius and Vayeate. And it has a space gun!!

You can also buy the space gun to compliment your space type Leo for 9.60 USD! I’d buy a lot of these if I got a lot of cash to burn!! (Any sponsors out there???)


The Leo gun specifically designed for space combat.

Here are more sample images of the glorious model you’ll be able to build with these option parts.

It’s so dark purple! And it can do all the poses that the MG Tallgeese can do.

You can buy the conversion kits from the RazorConcepts page HERE!

*Regular Leo conversion head unit, shoulder, and knee armor set, rear thruster housing set, space backpack set and space gun set each sold separately. Space type shoulder armor not yet available, cutting and assembly are required, batteries not included! (It’s not actually battery operated, I just wanted to say it).

I don’t get paid endorsing these stuff (although I wish I could), but if this can be helpful to fellow GW fans to get their grunt fix, then I’m glad to be of help. Oh, and shout out to Shawn for the heads up for this product update!


Source: shapeways* RazorConcepts

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