BOOTLEG NATION: Daban 1/100 MG Blast Impulse Gundam Release Info!

This one got past my bootleg radar and this news seems to have been out since 8 July (2018). It’s an upcoming bootleg release of the lesser famous variant of the Impulse Gundam, the Blast Impulse. I tried searching for further info about this release and I never found much except details from online shops from Thailand. It seems that Daban is keeping a low profile about this release in fear of legal action from Bandai perhaps…? Without further ado, let’s check out what this bootleg has to offer.

Right off the bat, we are already greeted with the Blast Impulse Gundam in a dynamic pose (no standing normal pose is available). True to the spirit of the returning 90s tacky panel lines fashion, this updated Impulse variant has a ton of ’em and it’s highly stylized in hopes that it would look far different from the official Impulse Bandai release so that they don’t infringe any copyright (I don’t think that’s how IP works though). This kit is assigned a serial number 8809 1/100 MG Blast Impulse and is set to hit the bootleg shelves on August (2018) for 1000 THB (approx 30 USD). Online shops are already open for pre-orders of this kit.


Rear view shots of the Blast Impulse, one normal and one with the Blast silhouette. Daban really did go all out with the refurbishing of the beam cannons it barely resembles the original Bandai design!

Here are more money shots of this fabulous bootleg. Apparently, it comes with a beam javelin as well.

Well, there you have it, folks! A new highly stylized Blast Impulse Gundam from your neighborhood friendly Daban, the rumors that they employed the artist from DM seems to be true with this stylized release. Although it looks familiar, it’s not the Blast Impulse design I come to know from the tv show, the resin conversion looks more like it than this.


This resin version looks more familiar.

I suppose the long wait for those wanting an MG Blast Impulse Gundam is over…? Sadly, if you put this kit besides the older Force and Sword Impulse kits, it will look out of place. But hey! You still got that long-awaited Blast Impulse, right? Now if only Daban will refurbish the other Impulse kits… that would be cool…


Sources: Modeljeen FB; Gconhub;

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