1/144 HGAC Leo Space Type RELEASE Info!

Interesting news for Gundam army builders, Bandai has just announced the release of a Leo variant, the space type. Now you can recreate those masses of cannon fodders whether they’re for ground or space combat! Relive those last moments of those poor Oz pilots as they desperately flee for their lives from the menacing machines they called Gundams. But not is all doom and gloom, the GW boys are sometimes seen hijacking these suits to infiltrate Oz bases.

The recolored and rearmed Leo is sadly a P-Bandai release (dagnabit!) it is set to come out in October (2018) for 1,512 JPY (approx 13.59 USD).


Look at that! It’s so purple and it has a tube sticking at its back!!


Rear shot of the Leo space type.

The new and improved (it’s not really improved, but I like to say it anyway) space type Leo comes with all the goodies you see on the image below!


It comes with the standard Leo armaments such as the rifle, shield, two beam swords and 4 new guns. And it even has an interchangeable shoulder armor with thrusters, a feature that’s never even seen on the Build Diver version!! Oh, be still my throbbing wallet!

You can gather a whole bunch of them to build your own Oz army of space Leos!


Man! I wish I got tons of money to burn for this kit, I mean. Look at that!! All lined up neatly and ready to go forth into oblivion in the hands of that pesky Gundam Boy Band!

More photos of the upcoming Leo variant.

It’s nice we’re being treated by Bandai with the grunt machine that we have always dreamt of for years, but what would be more fulfilling? Getting that long await 1/100 RE Leo!


I won’t mind paying extra for that version, we already have all the GW units in 1/100 MG format, the only thing that will complete it is this and perhaps a release of the Taurus as well (wink, wink). Well, we still have a lifetime to burn I suppose they’ll put it out one of these days…


Sources: GunplaNetwork; ManTan; Degenki Hobby

2 responses to “1/144 HGAC Leo Space Type RELEASE Info!

  1. Hey!

    It was a good read for this article. I am not sure whether I will buying these or not as I do have two Robot Damashii Space leos currently on diorama duty.

    Awhile back you posted the article about the1/100 MG Leo Conversion Parts dated for February 13, 2016. I have not bought the conversion kits myself and I keeping busy with the projects I already have.

    Just recently I visited the creator RazorConcepts webpage on the shape ways website


    and he has posted two new entries for 1/100 Space Leo!!

    PROTOTYPE Backpackonrunner


    PROTOTYPE SpacegunonRunner


    Maybe this will spurn Bandai to make a proper 1/100 Leo and Taurus kit? If not maybe garage kit builders will fill that void – as it was done already for the Leo.

    Take care,


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