BOOTLEG NATION: Super Nova 1/100 MG Altron Gundam (Shenlong Color ver.)

From the folks who brought us the overly stylized 1/100 MG Altron last year, they are filling up a vacant release period by releasing a recolored version of the same kit in the Shenlong color scheme.

Wow, a bootlegger pulling a Bandai move! Imagine that…


Oooo! The clean color separation makes it look cooler. It has less yellow in it tho.

This kit is set to hit the bootleg shelves in July and you can avail pre-orders for 135 CNY (approx. 20 USD). Man, that’s pretty cheap for an MG kit!

Bootleg fans will be all giddy with this new color scheme.


Just look at that… The Predator themed dragon fangs aren’t fully deployed, but they sure look cool!

Below are more promo images of the kit.

News of an upcoming modified MG Heavyarms release by Super Nova last year turned out to be false, but new announcements early this year say that they are actually going to release their version pretty soon.

In the aftermath of the Bandai takedown of the beloved Dragon Momoko brand last year, things got silent in the bootleg community for a while. But it seems that despite that, the bootleg underground is still busy as usual chucking out stuff that will make them profit. Daban made releases of modified Bandai kits and there are rumors that DM is still alive (well the staff are) and scant intel about them moving their operations on another South East Asian country is hinted on some shady hobby website. I’m not surprised as evidence of DM kits are trickling their way back to online sellers. It may be just leftover stock, who knows!


Sources: Inask Info; GGMAra

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