Super Mini Pla Beast King Golion!


HOLY COW!! They’ve finally made it! I know some of you might be saying, “You BASTARD this is not Gunpla!” That may be, but it’s still plamo and a mecha and it’s frickin’ VOLTRON! a.k.a. Beast King Golion, and although news of its release announcement has been out since February this year (2018) I’m still so pumped up I’m literally shitting bricks out my ass as I put this down.


That’s a whole lotta Voltron and a whole lotta licenses!

A few days ago Bandai has put out official images of the kit and it looks marvelous! I grew up watching the old Voltron tv show as a kid and ever since then I have coveted a Voltron robot toy, since budget was tight and Godaikin toys costs a lot back then, my folks never got me one. Skip a few years later they released several versions of the Voltron lion force, one is the Soul of Chogokin version that costs a small fortune that even now I still can’t afford! This Super MiniPla is the solution to my woes!

This kit will hit the shelves on August 2018 for 5,292 JPY (approx 48 bucks!) and comes with a gum. It also comes complete with its shield, the blazing sword, and the armaments for individual lions which can be combined into a super gun.

let’s take a moment to ogle at the magnificence of this glorious kit.

Just look at that range of poseability, this kit is produced with toy in mind and has some pre-painted parts and stickers to ease the build process. What’s more is that it can split into its five lion parts! Oh be still my heart.


Thems a lotta lions!

The legs of each lions seems to be interchangeable with discs for the Voltron transformation to mirror the animation look.

Would have loved to have this as a kid, but I would still love to have this now. Pre-orders are available in the P-Bandai web page. I hope in the near future Bandai would release other known giant robots like Voltes V (wink, wink).

Funny thing is that another company, Good Smile, has their kit release pushed to August of the same year (2018). The second in the lineup of their new kits called ‘Moderoid’ and they’re upping the ante with the six in one combination giant robot Godmars to be sold at 6,944 JPY (approx 63 USD).


Oh what great time to collect a new line of kits!


Sources: P-Bandai, Good Smile

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