Gundam Jiyan Altron HGBD 1/144 Release Info!

This new fangled Gundam Build Divers series has given us another Gundam based off of one of the GW units, the Jiyan Altron Gundam!


The HGBD Jiyan Altron is set to hit the stores this July (2018) for 1,944 JPY (aprox 17.87 USD)! As you can see it has the major characteristics of the Altron Gundam, it has its signature dragon fangs and the round shield. The major noticeable differences are the animal heads on the shoulders, the Samurai-esque horns, the wings and the lack of its signature trident weapon.

The kit comes armed with the stuff you see below:


The kit comes with two extra handles for the animal heads in order to turn them into boxing gloves of sorts.

The animal heads seem to be a wolf and a cheetah, or I could be wrong.


Them animal heads boxing gloves!!

unlike the original TV version Altron, the dragon fangs are not part of its arms and they can be extended for an extra longer reach.


With all these armaments, who needs a trident?


Gundam Wings fans are treated to consecutive releases of  GW related kits this year! This new release gives hope that an updated Altron Gundam is on its way…Or this may just end up pretty much like what happened to the Leopard Gundam of the Gundam X series. Some time ago Bandai released updated kits from the GX series starting with the 1/144 HGAW Gundam X (2010), then the GX Divider (2010), and the Double X (2013) and later the AirMaster (2014) with the sole exception of the Leopard to complete the lineup. A 1/144 HG Leopard Gundam eventually came out in 2015, but it was a variant for another series, Gundam Build Fighters, the Leopard da Vinci.


The 1/144 HGBF Gundam Leopard da Vinci.

Now it’s been more than two years since its original release and there doesn’t seem to be any signs of us getting the proper 1/144 HGAW Leopard any time soon. With this new variant of the Altron all we can do is hold on to the edge of our seats and hope that Bandai will eventually release the proper 1/144 HGAC Altron and the rest of the GW units in the near future.

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