1/144 HGBD Leo NPD (Non-Player Diver) Release Info!

Quick cash grab! AHEM… With the advent of an all-new Gundam Build Fight series, Gundam Build Divers (airs on April 03, 2018) comes an unexpected Gunpla release, it’s the 1/144 HGBD (High Grade Build Divers) Leo NPD which stands for ‘Non-Player Diver’ which means that these things are in-game cannon fodder grunt machines that can be easily annihilated for the pure amusement of the players and viewers of the show. Well, with the upcoming release of the regular 1/144 HG Leo this May (2018) and its uncertain marketability, Bandai decided to make sure that they won’t lose much profit after producing the all-new Leo grunt suits by giving it a new role on the new Gunpla Build Fight series. With the original flop of the GW (Gundam Wing) series in Japan, I can’t blame Bandai for being cautious with this kit and what they plan to do with it to make the most money out of it. Now that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at what the Leo NPD has to offer.hgbd-leo-NPD_06.jpg

The upcoming HGBD 1/144 Leo NPD is set to hit the stores in June (2018) for 1200 JPY (approx 11.28 USD).


The Leo NPD looks pretty much like a stock Leo with the noticeable lack of the handlebar below its chest and its collar missile pods.

The kit comes with four different head types to choose from.


There is a cyclops looking type, a GM head type, a vertical optic sensor type, and a Maganac head type.

It has three types of shoulder armor.


The first and third shoulder armor options may offer some protection, but I’m not sure about the second option since it doesn’t cover much area.

The backpack has multiple peg holes that will enable it to be retrofitted with other Bandai Gunpla aftermarket build parts.


With all these options you can mix and match parts with the Leo NPD to build a custom masterpiece of your own. You might be able to arm the rugged little Leo to the teeth that it can even rival the Tallgeese! (in Zechs Merquise raspy voice, “Tallgeese… HMM…”)

This Leo comes with its default set of armaments as seen below, its iconic machine gun, beam sabers x2, and the shield. If you want this thing to wield a dober gun, you might want to hijack one from the RG Tallgeese.

hgbd-leo-NPD (8)

With this much option parts, you can’t go wrong with the Leo! Looking at the sculpts for the heads, it kinda reminds me of a few things.

The first head looks like that of the Death Army units from G Gundam.


That freaky eye tho…

The bucket head type that has both sensors aligned vertically.


Stewart!? This sensor orientation is ideal for viewing vertical videos taken from a phone.

And the simplified Maganac head. WIll it be possible to custom build a Maganac unit using the third head design?


It’s cool that we are getting more of the Leo, I sure do hope that Bandai would release the upgraded Heavyarms tho…



Other sources: Death Army Wikia; Maganac Wikia; Glove and Boots Wikia

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