OZ-00MS Tallgeese RG 1/144 Release Info!

It’s been a long time coming and it’s already no news that Bandai has announced the release of the RG Tallgeese late last year (2017). (Zechs Merquise raspy voice, “Tallgeese…Hmmm…”), AHEM! It’s what many GW fans are waiting for, upgrades of the aging GW kits! First we were all treated to a good RG of the Wing Zero and Wing Gundam, now we are treated yet again with another RG, the Tallgeese!


Look at that magnificent kit!

The 1/144 Tallgeese is set to hit the market this April (2018) for 2500 JPY (approx. 23.5 USD)

It’s all good we’re getting an upgraded TG kit, but this version is based on the newer GOL manga, not the version many older GW fans were introduced to in the anime. But still, it has all the goodness of its MG counterpart, let’s check it out!


Inner frame engineering at its finest!

With the cleverly designed joints, this TG RG kit has more articulation compared to its older version.


Ingenious joint engineering!

The cartridge of its Dober gun can be removed, AMAZING!!


What a great innovation! Oh, be still my heart!!

The vernier thrusters can be opened up for full speed action!


It’s just like in the MG, but smaller!!

The released images for the RG TG kit doesn’t show any other weapons, but we can be sure that it’ll come with its regular armaments like the beam sabers, the default shield, and the dober gun.

Additional images of the RG TG.

With this, Bandai really is paying attention to GW fans all over the world. And we can repay their kindness by buying more than one of these babies! Just imagine the 1/144 TG leading an army of 1/144 HG Leos. The diorama you can make out if it will be epic!!


A couple of years ago I was having a tough time hunting down a 1/144 Leo on ebay and if I ever find one it costs an astronomical amount of 50 to 80 USD!! With these new releases GW fans have a better choice and a greater chance of creating dioramas that were not easily built before! I just hope the good people at Bandai would release an upgraded 1/144 scale Heavyarms.

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