OZ MS Leo 1/144 HG Release Info!

It’s no news, but I just had to write something about it. It’s been out for a few months now that Bandai will be releasing the much awaited Gundam Wing universal grunt machine, the Leo! One of the most versatile Grunt units that can be customized for ground, air, sea, and space combat with minimal modifications. It’s so dependable that even the Gundam pilots themselves pilot these things and go toe to toe against powerful machines and survive. These little things that make the Leo a very favorable grunt suit. Although the Leo had an initial release in 1/144 scale format back in 1996 it was hardly anything to be desired by casual builders as it requires some skill to make it look decent enough for display and with its hefty collector price of ranging from 50 USD to 70 USD these days, the cheaply made Leo became something for hard core GW collectors only kit, and you can’t barely make an army out of it.


The 1/144 HG Leo Prototype

The all new 1/144 HG Leo is set to be released on May (2018) with a retail price of 1,080 JPY (approx 10 USD), which is pretty cheap!

With this reasonable price anybody can instantly build an army of Leos!


Yeah, I can finally recreate scenes from the TV show that introduced me to Gunpla!

The all new HG Leo comes with all you see below:


The kit comes with its standard armaments, the 105mm machine gun, 2 beam sabers and a shield.

Below are more promo shots of this glorious grunt unit.

We are finally getting a proper Leo kit at last! But it’s not what many of us are expecting. Going back to a promo image Bandai put up in the All Japan Model & Hobby Show back in September of 2015, a Leo is included in the lineup for a Re 1/100 release, after more than 2 years has passed nothing has surfaced regarding that planned release, instead we are now treated to a smaller scale counterpart. I’m not one to complain but, one of the main reasons why I’m planning of hoarding masses of this kit is because of the five main MS in Gundam Wing. I have always wanted to recreate some scenes from the show to put on my display cabinet, but the lack of enemy grunt units has prevented me in doing so. Now that we have all five GW units in glorious MG format, it is just fitting that they should have enemy grunt units to decimate on my display shelf, but that will remain a pipe dream for now. But putting these new HG grunt units against the aging 1/144 GW kits is also off-putting. We may still have to wait 5 or 10 more years for updates of the old 1/144 kits, if there will be any updates for them, and if some of us are still alive by then. But here’s hoping.


4 responses to “OZ MS Leo 1/144 HG Release Info!

  1. Hey!

    Great article. Their is also a new Tallgeese 1/144 kit being released as well that goes perfect with this Leo.

    Thanks to your information on the previous articles on 1/144 Cancer and Pisces kit – it helped me quite a lot in my search and I managed to snag a kit a Pisces Kit from Yahoo Japan.

    Out of curiosity how different is the 1/100 Sandrock B-Club resin kit compared to new MG 1/100 Sandrock kit made out plastic?

    Take care,


    • Hey! Thanks for the comment, I’m glad my posts helped you out. As for your question, there are lots of differences, so far there is no 1/100 scale plastic kit of the Sandrock tv version and the very first plastic kit we got of the Sandrock was the 1/100 HG Endless Waltz OVA version, the design alone is already a huge difference. First of all, most parts of the resin kit is solid resin, and they don’t have any joints. The areas that represent joints are just slots where you should glue the other parts on, unlike the plastic kits that have functioning joints. The resin kit is much heavier since it is solid resin, you’ll have to drill holes and shave some parts to install working joints on them. some parts don’t sit flush against one another, this is because of the molding process, and it requires a lot of care in handling since resin is more brittle than plastic. The resin kit is basically a statue, but newer resin kits are getting joints designed into them and there are upgrade resin parts that work with existing plastic kits as well. Those are the major differences I can think of. Feel free to ask me if you need further clarifications.

  2. Hey!
    Your very welcome and thanks against for the great posts. Thanks for the clarification on the HG vs MG . When I was looking around I noticed there is conversion and/ or complete kit….I could not quite tell from a company named Vicious. Something similar seems be marked by E2046. For the MG plastics I did notice they did update a lot of features for the TV version like you mentioned to the Endless Waltz version. From what I can see there is a lot of detail on the Resin version, but then the issue of the joints like you mentioned would require a lot of work. My 1/100 Aries is a resin kit and it is a bit of statue – still working the joints work on progress that is collecting dust at the moment – I have to check out Vegeta8529 videos to help me out on this. I have lot of projects already I think I might just settle on MG version of Heavy Arms to make in easier on myself.

    I tried to get in contact with the company who made the 1/144 Cancer and Pisces kit to see if they will still produce and sell the kits. I would like to get the Cancer kit – it would go perfect the new RG Tallgeese 1/144 I am getting – I already picked a B –Club Aries 1/144 kit. Unfortunately, I did not get a reply from there gmail account. I guess he might be out of business. Thankfully I got the Pisces kit already.

    From one of your earlier posts you mentioned that you are interested in making a full variable Taurus mobile suit from Gundam Wing by scratch building it. No dice in finding the JAF CON 1/100 version. However you don’t have to scratch build this if you are interested in the JAF CON 1/144 version as a company called Switch Blade created a full variable Taurus mobile suit model . I was actually was able to purchase this kit from another buyer, however I have not built it yet – I still have to decipher the Japanese instructions which is actually the same problem I have with Pisces kit. The B-Club kits I find even if you can’t read the Japanese – they still write enough English and the pictures in the instructions are almost IKEA like in simplicity. Just a head’s up if you are interested. I use FROM JAPAN which is good proxy site, but the posting is originally from Yahoo Japan – I am not sure if you have a preferred proxy service to use.


    Take care,


    • Cool! Glad my random posts are being helpful. I’ve seen these 1/144 Switch Blade Taurus resin kits before and back then these things fetch a very hefty price, it’s nice to see one posted again in the yahoo auction, I could try getting one for myself. But looking at the manual closely, It looks to be heavily based on the LM 1/144 Taurus but it had upgraded joints and some added details, even the parts separation are eerily similar. Still, it would be interesting to see how they solved the transformation issue with it. I’m really itching to modding the resin Sandrock and Heavyarms kits I got, but I’m hesitating at the moment because I don’t want to ruin the originals. Been thinking of recasting them, but I can’t do that in my current location.

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