SCRATCH BUILDING Lost Piece of Gun Armament from Moebius Zero

I got the chance to fabricate a lost piece of one of the guns from the Moebius Zero kit.

As you can see, a tiny piece is missing from the gun. I know it isn’t very noticeable, but It just bothers me knowing that it is missing a piece. mz_rifle_01

The thing that irks me with this particular weapon is that it is overly complicated! It has more parts than it ought to have, this thing comes in at least 17 parts! They could have made this thing with only 5, or 6 parts, but no! They had to make it overly complicated with parts that nobody will even see when completed.


According to the manual, I have to fabricate part number ‘E5′. So, better get crackin’!

In the photos, the part has been colored grey, the same as the rest of the gun, so I’m going to use the same color plastic for the piece. I’m going to get it from its original sprue. I cut one of the sprues with the biggest diameter.


Next, I bore a 1mm hole on the center.


Next step, I created a thickness template since I cannot cut the tiny piece level. Judging from the manual, the missing piece is about 2mm thick.


Next, is I bore a 4mm diameter hole on the template and slotted in the piece I’m fabricating and then cut off the excess.


Finally the part is retrofitted to the gun.


All done! Fits like a glove. Now nobody will notice that the original went missing.


Next time on the Scratch build list is the lost handle for the Moebius Zero’s front rail gun.

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