1/100 Heavyarms B-Club Resin Kit


The Heavyarms B-Club resin page on Ebay

After a year of hunting down this illusive and very rare kit, I was finally able to buy it!

I got it from the same seller where I got the 1/100 Sandrock B-Club resin kit from. I’m now a proud custodian of two of the rare treasures from the 1995 Gundam Wing kit lineup (that is unless Bandai finally decides to release proper 1/100 kits of these, which is very unlikely). The Heavyarms and the Sandrock never had a real 1/100 HG plastic model kit because they were the least favorite among the five Gundams from the Gundam Wing series. They were so insignificant that their upgraded forms don’t look any much different from their basic original forms with the exception of extra thrusters.


The package that arrived from the Currier.

The box was ripped open beneath the plastic packaging, probably done by the currier.


The box was packed extra carefully with lots of air bags and brown paper packing and another layer of bubble wrap.

Beneath all that wrapping, behold! The 1/100 Heavyarms B-Club Resin kit.

The box has that amber-ish look to it. Surprisingly, the rear view of the Heavyarms is previewed on the other side of the box.

A serial number is stamped Beneath the lid of the box and for some reason the stamper had made a mistake and crossed out one of the serial numbers.


Inside of the box without the bubble wrapping, it contains the yellow resin parts and the manual.

The Heavyarms has a surprising amount of pieces. Like the Sandrock resin, this one also comes in yellow-ish resin.ha_rk_14.jpg

The Bandai stamp, proof of authenticity!


A more surprising detail about this resin kit is that it has some joints resembling that of the joints in plastic models, like the ball and socket joint on the hips.

Sadly, the kit has a lot of flashes and some pieces are chipped off after the parts broke off from their runners.

Unlike the Sandrock kit I acquired earlier, this one will need extra TLC especially when it comes to removing the flashes and filling up the broken parts. Not only that, upon opening the resin from its packaging, I also found that many parts have trapped air bubbles in them, I’ll need to fill in those as well. I will most likely recast this kit in epoxy putty as I don’t intend to use it, I prefer preserving it for the future in case these things actually become extinct. I will try to post the recasting of this kit in the near future and maybe accept some requests for recasts.

2 responses to “1/100 Heavyarms B-Club Resin Kit

    • I’m planning on recasting them, hopefully I can buy the needed mold making items next month. I haven’t done a full resin recast yet and this will be my first time to recast a resin kit, if all goes well I can make a set of copy for you if you’re interested, If I’ll charge for a recast, suppose I’ll charge for the cost of the material and a bit for shipping.

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