A few days ago I ordered some Gunpla at Amazon, after seeing that their prices are a lot cheaper than the ones I see on ebay, but the sting to the tale is the shipping and customs cost me triple the price. This is what I get for living in a westernized country that doesn’t have a properly functioning mail service and is way out of reach of Amazon for some reason. My plamo budget for this month got screwed so bad I can’t buy myself a birthday kit.

Let’s begin with the Amazon purchases:


2 pcs Geminass, 1 pc Hydra.


Gundam L.O. Booster, a revised version of the Geminass 01. the very first kit Gunpla kit I have ever owned. I bought a second kit since I am not very sure how the bootleg x legit mod work I did earlier would work or not.


Gundam Aesculapius, the third Gunpla kit I ever owned.

I have put it off for so long that I ended up regretting not buying these kits earlier when they were only priced for 9 bucks each. The very first three Gundam kits I ever owned are the Gundam L.O.Booster, Geminass, and the Aesculapius which were all bootlegs way back in 1999 and age weren’t so kind to them. The plastics turned yellowish and worst of all they became so brittle that if you touch them, they literally fall apart, so this time I’m going to collect them right. With this and the inclusion of the Gundam Griep I have stored away in the attic of my home, I have all Gundam Wing side story G-Units lineup COMPLETE!


1/144 NG Wing Zero.

I am reclaiming my old collections, I have an older 1/144 NG Wing Gundam kit that I bought way back in 2005 and was not happy with its paint job. I will work on this kit and do it right this time.


A new side cutter!

Since I can’t afford a God Hand side cutter, I suppose this will do for the mean time, the revell side cutter I’m using has become dull and its causing damage to the pieces that I cut using it, I needed a new cutter and here it is!
I got tons of stuff that came in between February and July, but I already sent most of it to my home abroad, so…yeah…it may take a while before I can make a proper review of those and boy do I have a LOT of back log. this is my Gunpla Haul report for now, till next report!

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