Gundam Sousei, History of Gundam Fictionalized in Manga

Ever wonder how the giant Gundam franchise began? I had no idea that it went through a lot before it got its status as a huge hobby and anime industry.

I’m not here to give a short recap of the Gundam history and how it changed anime and giant robot toys forever, I just wanted to yap about how I ended up finding “Gundam Sousei” and how good it is.


This is not the actual cover of the manga, but it’s the only image I could find circulating on the internet that is commonly used to represent it. This is actually for the sequel of Gundam Sousei, the cover text reads, “Gundam o Tsukutta Otokotachi”.

While browsing for some Gundam mangas, I stumbled upon an image of a bald man in a front cover of a manga with a title Gundam in it. Having the other hilarious manga “Kidou Senshi Gundam-san” in mind I gave the bald guy Gundam manga a quick view and it didn’t take too long for me to get hooked in the story. The manga entitled “Gundam Sousei” roughly translated in English ‘Gundam Genesis’ (not to be confused with the Gundam prequel the Origin) written by Owada Hideki is loosely based on the real life early beginning of the Gundam franchise, there is a bit of reality into it being Mr. Tomino Yoshiyuki (the creator of Gundam) as the main character along with other well known names from the Gundam franchise such as Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, Kunio Okawara, Shuishi Ikeda, Furuya Tooru and many others. The manga, although it claims to be a work of fiction takes real events and accounts and includes them in its story like how Mr. Tomino originally envisioned the Gundam mechas as white and grey military machines and how it got its iconic blue, yellow and red color scheme. It also makes note of key events during the production run of the series and how it got cancelled, (yes Gundam got cancelled on its first run). The story has a lot of funny moments to it and the events are clearly exaggerated, which makes for a very interesting and entertaining read.


If you think about it, Gundam being a military hardware, having it in bright red, yellow and blue color scheme is more like advertising itself as an easy target for the enemy.

Ever wonder how Furuya nailed the part in the iconic scene where Captain Bright hit him?


Well…There may not have been some beating done in the recording studio, but you get the idea.

And how the role of Char Aznable was born! The manga is basically an auto biographical recount of the events following the Gundam franchise from its rocky beginnings to how it became huge today in funny over the top manga format. If you want to learn a bit more about how our beloved franchise came to be in a funny and entertaining way, I highly suggest you find yourself a copy of this manga.

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