BOOTLEG NATION: Super Nova 1/100 MG SandRock Gundam

HOLY CRAP! Just a few minutes after I finalized the P-Bandai SandRock news, I found another article from my news feed about another MG SandRock release from your friendly neighborhood bootlegger, Super Nova.


Your friendly neighborhood bootlegger that might make Dragon Momoko make a run for their profits.

Remember that Predator x Alien dragon fang MG Altron kit (which they are officially calling Nataku)? Yep, it’s from those guys again and they are making a followup on their kit line with this new and overly stylized 1/100 MG SandRock kit (hee hee Sangyong Desert). It is set to be release this September (2017), they are already accepting pre-orders (heh, reservations…) and these things are priced as 169 not sure if its HKD.


The Super Nova kits come with custom action bases. Beat that Bandai!

Sample images of the upcoming kit is now available for the radical Gunpla hobbyists that can get their hands on this glorious bootleg.

The Super Nova SandRock with action base.SN_SandRock-003.jpg

The Super nova SandRock kit with the diffusion cloak. This is an interesting feature, as the P-Bandai kit sports a plastic mold cloak, they actually used the same cloth as that of the 1/100 HG SandRock.


It kind of resembles a spider, or is it just me?

Source: Weibo Super Nova

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