Wing Gundam Zero 1/100 HRM Release Info!

At the Shizuoka Hobby Show that was held last May 11~14 (2017) an interesting new version of the Wing Zero was put on display. First news about this upcoming kit was mentioned in Winter 2016 in Akihabara with a teaser poster marked “Now Planning”.


I wonder when will Bandai finalise planning the 1/100 Re Leo? it’s nearly two years already.

The full kit was put on display at Shizouka Hobby Show. The 1/100 High Resolution Model Wing Zero Gundam to be out this September for 12,960 JPY (approx. 114 USD).


It’s the Wing Zero that you’ve never seen before (as a matter of fact neither do I). With all new crisp details, more round and sharp features make it look very mechanical.wing_zero_HRM-L005.jpg

More feathery-like features on the wing unit!wing_zero_HRM-L006.jpg

And it can do something that all older versions of the EW Wing Zero kits can’t do, TRANSFORM! The new HRM Wing Zero literally has a Bird Mode with feathery designed wings this time! I always wondered why the Wing Zero in the OVA series was not transformable, it seems Bandai corrected that old problem with this kit.wing_zero_HRM-L004.jpg

Of course, the HRM line is well known for its highly articulated and highly detailed inner frame.


The new Wing Zero kit comes with all you see below:


The 1/100 HRM kit comes with the iconic Twin buster Rifle, 2x Beam Swords and a shield.

More images of the upcoming Wing Zero HRM kit.


The quota of having a GW release for this year is achieved with this upcoming kit. On another note, it is also about time we should be getting an announcement for another P-bandai exclusive for the Sandrock Custom, I just hope this release won’t upset that.

Sources: Club Gunpla, Amiami

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