BOOTLEG NATION: 1/100 MG Forbidden Gundam Resin Conversion Kit

While I was scrolling down my facebook feed I stumbled upon a post speculating about another upcoming Dragon Momoko kit, the 1/100 MG Forbidden Gundam.


With Dragon Momoko and other obscure toy manufacturers suddenly popping up chucking out unreleased Bandai kits now a days, it piqued my curiosity. The Gundam Seed line seems to be receiving a lot of love from Bootleggers recently, and with the success story of the DA Providence kit, it’s not that surprising if they’re planning on releasing another kit from the Seed series. I did a quick search and didn’t find any announcement from DM, nor from any other online bootleg stores about any upcoming kit. The logo at the upper right corner gave me the lead, “纵横造型社 Model Freely.” I have no idea what the first part meant, but it is safe to say that it’s not DM. It seems to be another obscure bootlegger brand, checking it in Google translate doesn’t help, “Vertical and Horizontal Modeling Agency” (???), let’s just call them ‘Model Freely’, or “MF” since it’s the only writing most of us can read. Looking at the sample image, this thing looks surprisingly detailed!


Ah, panel lines, there’s more of them in each new kits.

Digging deeper in the Internets, I finally found the source. According to the site, it’s a resin conversion kit utilising the inner frame of the 1/100 MG Strike by Dragon Momoko which means this thing is not Bandai compatible. it’s sold for 50CNY (approx 7.27USD). It’s not yet globally available since it’s only found in an online Chinese shop.

The kit is also transformable, which is a nice gimmick.

Though it’s an interesting kit, the images that feature the model is most likely to be CAD 3d generated. Will this come out as a proper plastic kit? Who knows!

Source: TaobaoModel Freely

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