Activity Update # 001

I really want to post new updates of my activities, but my current work schedule leaves me with very short working time with my planned projects.

Updated planned project list:

  1. Recasting Resin Kit
  2. 1/144 Devil Gundam Custom Build
  3. 1/144 Heavyarms Custom Build
  4. 1/100 Heavyarms TV ver Project
  5. Scratch Build a 1/100 Transformable Taurus model
  6. BOOTLEG NATION: SPL-SF-STUDIO 1/100 TS-MA2 MOD.00 Moebius Zero

Recasting Resin Kit:


I have purchased a 1/100 Sandrock TV ver resin kit last year and I am planning of building it with full articulation. But I would hate to ruin such a relic of the GW franchise, so I plan to recast it using a reusable mould. The main idea was to install joints on the resin kit so that it will have some articulation to it, but due to an upcoming Gunpla event in my area, the plan was put on hold to make way for my Gunpla entry which leads to the next item on the projects list.

1/144 Devil Gundam Custom Build:


The kit was left 78% complete and did not made it to the competition. But I think I made quite an interesting build. I researched other custom build Devil Gundam kits and although most of them are well built, I just can’t seem to find the ideal custom build I was looking for and so, I did created a version which I think how the Devil Gundam should be customised. But the folding toes were a lot more complicated than I thought, which made the build time far longer than I previously predicted.


Folding toes for the giant Gundam head transformation.

I intended to include a gimmick that lets the feet retract inside the legs for the transformation, but it proved to be more work and requires a bit of engineering to make the feet joints slide inside the legs while still being able to support the entire Gundam at the same time. After missing the contest entry deadline, I suddenly lost the will power to finish the mod work which leads us to the next item on the list.

1/144 Heavyarms Gundam Custom Build ver 2.0:

It started as a repair on the Heavyarms kit that I was working on. The elbow joint of the left arm had become loose, and I began to grow a bit dissatisfied with the stubble of the pegs that I removed from the plastic kit because it hinders articulation of some parts. Armed with a new rotary tool, I bought another 1/144 Heavyarms kit and worked on it. and while I was at it, I decided to refine the joints a bit more and standardise the design so that I can be able to apply it on other 1/144 GW kits. I really wanted to get my hands on a 1/100 Heavyarms B-Club resin kit, but unfortunately, they don’t sell those anymore, which leads me to the next frustrating item in my to do list.

1/100 Heavyarms TV ver Project:

I can’t cough up 350 bucks to afford the 1/100 Heavyarms kit being offered on ebay. It’s been up for a while, but I don’t see it anymore, I fear that somebody may have already bought it which adds to my frustration. The only way I can get my hands on a 1/100 Heavyarms now is to scratch build one. Since I’m too lazy to scratch build from pla plates I needed a donor kit to modify into the Heavyarms. I’ve always had this weird feeling that I have seen a mobile suit very similar to the Heavyarms, but I can’t pin point exactly which is it. After digging through the sea of Gundam designs I finally found a match, the 1/100 MG RX-78 Ground Type. Looking at both MS side by side, you can see the close resemblance, albeit the RX-78 will be a bit taller.


I could swear they modeled the Heavyarms after the RX-78 [G].

You can see the close resemblance of the Heavyarms to the much older RX-78 ground type from the feet, to the shin armor, to the arms. Minor alterations are needed for the transformation though, but it looks very promising. I seem to remember seeing a magazine article about a modeller who actually did this modification.

Scratch Build a 1/100 Transformable Taurus Model:

Since the Endless Waltz OVA MG lineup is almost complete (minus the Sandrock Custom) the lineup will only be truly complete with the inclusion of Noin’s Taurus. I have given up on getting my grubby mitts on a 1/100 Leo resin since modding a 1/100 HG Tallgeese into one is much easier. But a Taurus is much much harder to come by, I remember a fellow GW enthusiast hunting down the illusive Jafcon Taurus resin kits. Although he was able to make copies of his own, those can’t transform. I have been studying how the Taurus transformation works and I think I have an idea, and of course, I don’t have much time to spend with this project as well.


It’s not actually something complicated, but I recently acquired a bootleg kit of the 1/100 Moebius Zero and I was composing a post for it, it’s mainly a build and a thorough review of the kit. I have seen other posts about the kit being very good, but not very good, which confuses the hell out of my brain. As an experienced bootleg collector, I can already tell that the plastic used in this kit is soft and a slight pressure in putting together a piece will result in stress marks, not to mention strange fitting parts that will pop off.


I plan to build and review these new bootlegs that came out, and I would also like to do a beat down comparison with existing Bandai kits like the DM TG III and the Providence. I’ve seen many mixed comments about the DA Providence, is it really that good when compared to the recently released Bandai Providence? I’d like to see for myself the answer to that question as well, but due to my lack of funds, this little segment may take some time to come out, unless I get some funding.

Anyway, these are the things that are currently being held back, because I’m still working on either one of them, or I’m too busy playing Ero games. If I get some feed backs on about which of these you guys find interesting, I might prioritize that over the others.

3 responses to “Activity Update # 001

  1. I’d be interested in buying a set of the shoulder armor on the 1/100 Sandrock if you’re willing to cast an extra set. Great work here!

      • Thanks! The more I look at the MG Sandrock, the more work it needs to look like the tv version.

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