Gunpla Hobby Shops in Dubai – OtakuMe Shop

If you’re ever in Dubai, UAE and have no clue where to buy Gunpla I hope this post will help you get your Gundam fix.

During my first year here in Dubai back in 2015, information on where to find a good Plamo/Gundam hobby shop is scarce. You try searching Google for any hobby shops in the UAE and you’ll be bombarded with RC hobby shop results instead, but no plamo hobby shops. There are snippets from old UAE expat forums here and there about tiny shops where you can buy kits and tools, but they are scattered and you’ll have to find them all one by one which is too much of a hassle.

In my desperation I made it my mission to find good plamo hobby shops that are easy to get at. And in my snooping around I managed to locate a few shops here in Dubai, there are ones that are easy to get to, and there are those that require a bit of travelling to get to. Let’s start first with a Gundam shop that has recently opened, OtakuMe. I only found out about their shop on facebook, a couple of years ago they didn’t have much on their website at the time, but as months passed they managed to broaden their Gunpla catalog quite extensively. By the time they started offering P-Bandai exclusive items they got me hooked on their site and I tried ordering from them for the first time. I believe one of the first items I ordered from them is the P-Bandai 1/100 MG Altron kit.


All green!!

At first, they were only a small online shop, but they later opened up their doors to customers. Their shop location is not easy to find, but I’ll show you how to locate it.

Otaku Me’s business address is at B Block, 11th Floor, B-1103, Centurion Star Building, Port Saeed, Near Deira City Centre.

The easiest way to get there is by Metro. First, you hop into the red line metro.


Then, you get off at the “Deira City Center” station and proceed to exit 2.


Next, take the door the right and follow the street to your right until you reach the corner of 32 and 36b street.


From there you can see the ‘Centurion Star’ building on your left.


Proceed to the B block on the left of the building (it took me a while to find the entrance to this place).


Inside you’ll find the list of businesses that are in the B Block, and one of them is Otaku Middle East Toys.


Next, take the elevator to the 11th floor.


And then, turn right exiting the elevator. Take the corridor on the left from the elevator and follow it until you reach the last room.


At the right side of the corridor you’ll find this interesting door.


Ring the door bell and you’ll be greeted by an employee!

Inside you’ll immediately find shelves of Gunplas and parts!

Truly one of the best Gunpla and model hobby shop you’ll ever come across. Recently they included military model kits in their catalogue and they’re even building up an impressive collection of tools you’ll ever need from cutter knives, nippers, adhesives, putty, abrasives, paints and even air brushes!

If you’re ever in Dubai and you’re looking for a one stop hobby shop, I highly recommend you visit OtakuMe.

Check out their online shop HERE, and visit them on Facebook HERE.

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