Bootleg Nation: Super Robot Series 001

While strolling through a thrift store one day I came across this:


The Super Robot Series, all fresh and new for only (10 AED) 2.75 bucks!

We got bootleggers like Dragon Momoko, Daban and TT Hongli and we have these as well. It’s the uglier side of bootlegs that not many bootleg supporters see, or they may be aware of, but turn a blind eye at. Yeah, cheap fodder for practice, let’s see you practice on these bad boys. Bootleggers come in varying degrees of copy from grade A copies to laughable ones like the Super Robot Series we see here. If you can’t guess the Gundam, it’s the Unicorn in its Destroy Mode, it’s packaged with a super sword, a gun shield, and it even has lights and music action! Beat that, Bandai! Though the face is less to be desired, it looks like the Unicorn got a plow driven across its face. The funny thing is that photos of the real Unicorn model kit are pictured on the box, though the actual bootleg has some minor changes done to it like the protrusions on its shoulders and the fugly face.

I see these sort of bootlegs at the local toy stores at the town marketplace very often, I’ll try to compile as much of these as I can just for curiosity and laughs, or maybe do a review of them as well.

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