Speculate no more for the rumour is indeed TRUE!


The proper Master Grade Justice Gundam is set to launch in June 2017! No price has been officially announced yet, but you can be sure it’s in the same range as the ver 2.0 MG Freedom, or the MG Providence.


All details are exquisitely updated to match that of its brother unit, the Freedom. But the crowning achievement for this kit is the new design of the glider.


Look at that slick beast! It’s a far departure from the clunky looking one we get from the NG 1/100 version.


It’s nice to see Bandai giving the rider the same treatment as they did with the RG Justice. They did what I was thinking of doing with my planned custom build I mentioned on one of my other posts (see here). Could it be they’re reading my nonsensical ramblings? NAH… It would be nice if they were.

The kit comes with the array of accessories as seen below. All of the photos are marked as “under development”, there may still be more stuff for the new MG Justice. I see that they included the beam boomerangs as well.


Below are more promo pics for the upcoming Justice.

November last year when Bandai put up their display at the Gunpla EXPO World Tour Japan 2016 (Winter) held at Akihabara UDX for the then upcoming Master Grade version of the Providence, they teased fans with what looks like a customised master grade Justice Gundam.


The upcoming Justice Gundam Master Grade prototype nonchalantly displayed by Bandai in Gunpla Expo World Tour winter 2016 in Akihabara UDX.

Many people shrugged it off as just some customised 1/100 Justice made to look like an MG, but eagle-eyed fans were able to spot glaring differences between the parts that should have been salvaged from the NG 1/100 Justice and this unknown version. Did Bandai purposely displayed this to build hype? Whatever it is I’m still pumped up and excited for June to come around!

I guess I can scrap my planned custom MG Justice then.

Source: Club Gunpla

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