BOOTLEG NATION: Super Nova 1/100 MG Altron Gundam

Bootleg brands are popping out of the wood works these days. Here’s another obscure bootlegger that goes by the name ‘Super Nova’ and they are putting out their own version of the Altron Gundam (a.k.a. Nataku). So far this kit is not yet out in bootleg stores, but it’s already available for pre-orders. This kit’s price ranges from 38 USD to 75 USD to 90 USD (you kidding me?!), prices vary depending on your location and how accessible bootlegs are from your area. GW fans who love cheap kits (?) rejoice! a caring bootlegger has gone out of their way to make an exclusive Premium Bandai kit into an affordable mass produced kit that almost anybody (who are within the reaches of bootleg kits) can get their hands on without having to go through the hassle of buying official kits from a Japanese website.


The 1/100 MG Altron Gundam by Super Nova without the dragon fangs.


The MG Altron armaments.


Wow… Those dragon fangs look like the mouth of the alien from Predator…? It looks like the ver ka dragon fang and the EW OVA dragon fang mashed up in to one. WHY!?


The dragon fang links are joined together by double ball joints which looks stable in the sample photos, not sure how well it’ll perform on the actual kit. And the fangs are mounted on the back…? HUH!?

Below are more money shots of the painted kit.

Just look at that! My question is, WHY IS THERE NO REAR SHOT PHOTOS!? Looking for further information of the kit online, I stumbled upon a post from GundamGuy about a certain customised P-Bandai kit, see HERE. Examining the image much closer, I believe it’s the very same images used as samples for the bootleg kit.

Welp. If Bandai isn’t listening to what fans want, they may find themselves out run by bootlegs. That’ll teach ’em!

Below are more photos of the box and the kit.

It’s the first time have seen a bootlegger print their name on the plastic, even Bandai don’t do this. It has to be good!

Looks like the yellow plastic has a gold hue to it, much like the P-Bandai Altron kit’s. But the yellow dragon fang parts are in two pieces…? They also changed the fingers to have sharp ends. SCARY!!

Ah, the manual it has this “Proudly made in China” feel to it. Let’s see Bandai do something as flamboyant as this bootleg.

I’m not a fan of the overly painted promo photo of bootlegs kits, it’s kind of deceptive. Bandai these days promote their kits as they are built out of the box to show how the thing looks like after you put it all together without the cover of paint so that you’ll see what you’ll be getting. And in all honesty, i’m not a fan of those morbidly mutated dragon fangs and how they are mounted on the back and not on the forearms as the were originally designed. It could be to other bootleg collector’s taste, but it’s not my cup of tea. Go buy it if you want to get an overly stylized and cheap (?) MG Altron kit, but then again, certain online retailers mark this for as high as 90 bucks! The thought of buying bootlegs as cheap fodder is slowly becoming a thing of the past as newer bootlegs are being sold by other retailers/sellers in prices comparable to Bandai, or even P-Bandai prices.

image sources:; Gundam Central; Gundam Guy

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