Gunpla shopping and Bubble Teas


I went out a few days ago to replenish my monthly Gunpla haul and buy some tools while I was at it. The long walk from the Gunpla shop to the Japanese store where I bought the tools was physically draining. On my way to the metro station I decided to treat myself to some refreshment, lo and behold, there is a bubble tea kiosk ahead of me. While perusing their menu the guy at the kiosk gave me a sample taste. I was expecting the sensation of tapioca to hit my tongue and just when I thought that I’ve tasted it all I felt the round tapioca pop inside my mouth. It was a rather interesting sensation. The bubbles mixed in the tea wasn’t tapioca, but a round gelatinous substance that bursts that gives a popping feeling in the mouth and has a sour fruity tasting juice in its center. I know these bubble tea drinks have been around for a long time, but I held out from consuming one until now. So, I bought a regular cup size and I drank the whole thing like it was nothing. Before long after my initial thirst was quenched, I started paying attention to the flavor of the bubbles, they have a distinct chemical after taste. No wonder some people say these bubble tea drinks are dangerous and will kill you. At the end of an empty bubble tea cup the question I keep asking myself is, “am I still going to drink bubble tea in the future?” It’s hard to say, but I’m not planning on enjoying one of these drinks again anytime soon.


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