BOOTLEG NATION: DM Deathscythe TV ver 1/100 MG kit

In the past few years, I’ve noticed that DM has a thing for the Deathscythe Gundam. It’s the only kit they bothered to release from the 5 main Gundams of the GW series. Naturally, it won’t be long till they do something like this, A FRICKIN’ 1/100 MG DEATHSCYTHE HELL TV VERSION KIT!

Them gloves are off now! What are you gonna do about this Bandai?! If you’re not going to release updates of the old GW kits, DM might just beat you to the profits.


The upcoming Dragon Momoko 1/100 MG Deathscythe Hell

I’m all for modernization and aesthetic upgrades, but this is too much for me. I grew up watching Gundam Wing on TV, and I liked the design of the mobile suits that are on the show, but this… It’s so overly stylized it merely resembles the Deathscythe Hell tv version. It could pass for a totally different MS altogether! Since it has far departed from the tv version look, I’ll call this the “DM TV version” from here on out.


Front and rear view of the Deathscythe Hell DM TV ver.

Below are more photos of the Deathscythe Hell DM TV ver prototype.


1/100 HG Deathscythe Hell TV version.

Yeah, it’s old, but the folks at Bandai pulled it off with the Wing Gundam, why not DM give the Deathscythe the same treatment? It could just be me being too hung up on the image of the Deathscythe that I came to know from the TV show. Oh well… I should at least be grateful somebody out there is giving these lesser MS the attention they deserve.

This reminds me of the Resin conversion kit that was available some time ago, it’s called the Deathscythe Hell Fantasy version.It’s also an overly stylized rendition of the Deathscythe Hell.


Sources: DM Facebook; Gunjap

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