BOOTLEG NATION: Devil Arts Providence Gundam MG kit

Bootlegs, bootlegs, BOOTLEGS! Many people do like them bootlegs, other than cheap, many justify themselves that it is good fodder for practice, or the model they like isn’t available because Bandai doesn’t listen to what they want (the fuq?) whatever the reasons are, there are just too many people who are getting into these bootlegs because they are cheap! And what do you call people who like to buy cheap? Thrifty??

We’re here to check out the pics I picked up from the internets about this glorious bootleg from a rather obscurely named company, Devil Arts and their only known product, the 1/100 MG Providence Gundam.


Devil Arts Providence Gundam MG without the Dragoon System. PANEL LINES EVERYWHERE!!!

Oh, yes! Before Bandai gets to release their official version of the Providence, this bootlegger has already put out their own version of the Providence. This thing had been out there for quite a while now, and I already knew of its existence since December last year (2016). The kit is based on a resin conversion kit using the MG Strike inner frame as the base. The kit features a more stylized armor design of the Providence that is as good as the original resin conversion kit source (according to one blog). I do seem to remember coming across the resin conversion kit long ago, but the listing had long ended.

We all know by now that Bandai has already announced their official release of the Master Grade version of the Providence Gundam this coming March (2017, see my post HERE) set to be sold at 5,400 JPY (approx. 48 USD), oddly enough, this bootleg is retailed at 40 USD. With the reputation of bootlegs being preferred by people because they’re cheap, this time the difference is only around 8 USD. Is it me, or are bootlegs getting more expensive, or that Bandai is selling their stuff a lot cheaper in order to compete with KOs? Either way, let’s check out the readily available images of this glorious bootleg and marvel at the creativity of the modeler that created a more stylized version of the Providence.

Below are photos of the prototype DA MG Providence.


Nifty detailed manipulator! Kinda looks like the one used on the MB version kits.

Cool new design! Wow, the details of this bootleg seem to be on par with the DM kits, or it’s just me overanalyzing the sample images.

More glorious images of the DA MG Providence, look at all those chic edges! Let’s see how it compares with the upcoming official Bandai kit.


Welp…after seeing the photos of this kit and the upcoming Bandai version, it would be nice to see a side by side beat-down comparison between the two kits. I’m beginning to notice those tacky 90s panel lines are finding their way back to new kits…


2 responses to “BOOTLEG NATION: Devil Arts Providence Gundam MG kit

  1. $40 for the Providence? Eh.. here it’s less than $20. And the bandai ver is around $60-$70 and it is pre ordered.

    • Well, I suppose price range do differ depending on your location, I’ve heard reports that the DA kit only costs around 25 USD on certain East Asian areas where as this boot leg would cost around 50+ dollars in some Western locations, it probably has something to do with shipping, handling, tax and other things that go in the middle. But in where I am at, this is the price range of both items, so locally speaking, they both cost nearly as much.

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