Reporting for the month of January this year of 2017!

Just got back from the Gunpla shop and I’ll be recording my monthly loot to keep track of stuff I’m currently accumulating in my inventory and to have some sort of reminder for projects I plan to build in the near future.

First off, I just had to put this on the very top because I have been hunting this kit for nearly a decade and I FINALLY got one! The 1/144 Devil Gundam kit that was produced by Bandai in 1995, yeah it’s an old kit, but this kit has a lot of potentials and I might use this one as my entry for the Gunpla Build-off. That is if I pull enough motivation to work on it, but rest assure that I’ll be adding more joints to this kit (naming, knees) and I’ll be putting that build up as reference for others who are interested.


Continuing the G Gundam kit hunt, I finally got my hands on these guys as well. Like the Devil Gundam, I had been hunting for these kits for nearly a decade too, I already have the other three naming the Shining Gundam, Rose Gundam, and the Bolt Gundam, only four left and my 1/144 G Gundam collection will be complete! Now, if only I could find the Grade Up Parts kit for all four main G Gundam MS, it’ll really be complete.h_010617-02

That’s it for the kits this month, next are the supplies and tool.

The decal set for the 1/144 RG Zephyranthes & FB kit, I’m going to use this on the 1/144 Physalis to make it look like an RG for decorative display purposes.


The HiQ Parts (decals) for 1/144 scale kits. For those who are wondering where those other modelers get an awful lot of extra decals, this is what they use, aside from the leftovers that you get after building other kits that is. I got the white version, I’ll be using this for the baddies MS.

h_010617-04Below are some enlarged samples of what’s written in the tiny decals, keen Grammar Nazis can spot glaring Engrish right away, but nobody will be reading those tiny writings.


1mm & 2mm PS rods for joints and stuff!h_010617-06

I bought more 1.0mm Pla plate because I have aready used up half of my supply.


Here’s one that can poke an eye out, it’s a carving needle. I’ll be using this to carve new panel lines.h_010617-08

And last, but not least, the miliputty , it’s basically a two-part epoxy clay used for filling up gaps, holes, or replacing broken parts. This item is a must on modeling toolkits.h_010617-09

With this, I’m all set to work on my entry kit!

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