BOOTLEG NATION: DM Strike Freedom MB ver Review (Large Images)

AT LAST! The much awaited LARGE IMAGES of the 1/100 MG Strike Freedom MB ver bootleg by Dragon Momoko. Been planning on posting this some time ago, but I was having second thoughts (or was being lazy). Now that I started, might as well go on with it.

I’m putting this up so that you guys can have a look at what you’ll be in for if you buy this kit.Somebody said it’s a waste of time, but I like wasting my time and yours, so. Prepare to burn these images into your retinas because there’s a LOT of ’em.

NOTE: I didn’t buy this kit. Credits are at the bottom of the page.

The MB ver Strike Freedom without the wing unit.


Front View


Rear view

The Strike Freedom MB ver with the wing unit and stand.


Front view


Rear view

Other views.

The inner frame is made of gold color plastic much like what Bandai used in the new Hyaku Shiki and the RG Strike Freedom.


The inner frame is not shiny!? Bummer…


Cool, sharp details!



Head Swivel from right to left

Upper body joints and articulation.


Shoulder joint


Waist movement up and down

Skirt armor details, side rail cannons can be folded to the back.


Elbow and shoulder articulation:

The kit comes with six pairs of manipulators (just like the metal build figure).dm023

Comparison of the Strike Freedom’s manipulators with the previously released Gundam Destiny MB ver


The Destiny’s manipulator isn’t as detailed. Shame…

Leg details and articulation:

Wing unit details:

Weapons detail:

More money shot of the Strike Freedom MB ver with armaments and shield.

Wing unit compatibility:

It seems DM did that extra effort in making their stuff compatible with each other, the Strike Freedom comes with adapters for the Destiny wing unit and vice-versa. Does Daban has this nifty perk? I don’t think so…

Action base is a direct copy of the one that comes with the metal build figure, with slight modifications to the markings.

Wing unit effects parts and dragoons:

Alrighty then! This is what many of you guys are waiting for, so I hope you find this segment enlightening. Are you sure you still want to buy this kit? Anyway, if you guys can read Chinese you can see the full review of this kit from the credits link below.

Source: iOnehobby

8 responses to “BOOTLEG NATION: DM Strike Freedom MB ver Review (Large Images)

    • Well, it depends if you want better quality and fine details, go for DM, if you’re after the shiny inner frame and cheap, go for Daban. The Daban version has a shiny inner frame, but it droops backward and some parts don’t fit well. It also has more separate color plastic parts than DM, but they don’t sit very flush. DM on the other hand, seems to be trying really hard to emulate Bandai, their kit has sharper details, it looks pretty solid, plus it has a lot of special effects parts. If you have the Freedom ver 2.0 and want to have the Strike Freedom MB ver to go along with it, go for DM as the detail quality is almost similar. And the DM strike Freedom is compatible with the Destiny MB ver as well, the down side is that the DM kit is a bit more expensive than Daban.

      • Man you’re crazy, DM’s Strike freedom sucks. when i built Daban’s version everything fits perfectly no problem, plus the color separation is spot on with the Metal Build (Bandai) DM’s version is cheap as fuck, the shoulder have grey plastic while Daban’s have gold everywhere, and its shiny plated gold!

      • Have you built both versions? I have yet to build any MB version kits for myself, but you have given me food for thought. I have seen other modellers prefer DM claiming it has better fittings and there are those who claim Daban is better for reasons. I plan to invest on both kits and give them a proper beat down and see which IS really better. For the mean time, I have assembled some DM kits, and as far as I have experienced with their type of product comparing them with previous Daban kits I have repaired, my opinion on the matter about DM still stands.

    • Fuck yeah Daban’s version is way better, Dragon Momoko’s look cheap as fuck, i don’t know why people say Daban’s cheaper version they must be on acid, Daban’s ver. MB of Strike Freedom is freakin AMAZING!

  1. DM is a bit expensive because Dm sell accessories in their SF
    I think its the time for DM fanboys to accept that DM SF dissapointing
    Daban already beatdown DM

  2. DM strike freedom looks really good!
    I’ve recently assembled mine.
    The plastic looks good and clean.
    If you’re not really after so much color separation (like me) and just want that simple clean, bright colorful look, go for DM.
    The white, blue, red and blacks looks sharper in DM.
    Daban’s seem a little “dirty” (like the red parts have that dark faint stains or something)
    Really, the only great thing about daban’s is the inner frame IMO (which would’ve been perfect if not for those “wounds” due to lack of undergating or something).
    If only DM decided to make its inner frame a bit shinier, then Daban is totally beat down.

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