Providence Gundam MG Announced!

This info has already been circulating the web since late November, but I just had to make a write up about it here as well.

From the initial release of the 1/100 scale kit the Providence Gundam way back in 2004, the news of an upcoming 1/100 Master Grade version is a welcome sight.

Below is the colored prototype of the upcoming MG 1/100 Providence Gundam as displayed at the Gunpla EXPO World Tour Japan 2016 (Winter) held at Akihabara UDX from November 19 ~ 23.


The MG 1/100 Providence Gundam kit is set to be released in March 2017 for Price: 5,400 yen (JPY).


It’s a hulking MS on steroids, Just look at it!

The Providence gives off that overly powerful vibe to it and comparing it to the slim build of the Freedom, this thing is a walking fortress with a slew of armaments. I won’t be surprised if this thing snapped the Freedom like a twig.

Below are more photos of the exhibit:

Is it just me, or is Bandai bringing back those tacky panel lines? This new kit seems to be teeming with it.

Here are more exhibit photos of a diorama with the Providence:

The interesting part of this diorama is that it has the Freedom Gundam version 2.0…


MG Freedom Gundam ver 2.0.

…and just next to it is an MG style 1/100 Justice! Could this be a preview of the much awaited underrated Seed mobile suit?mgpv_106carefully perusing the image, it more resembles the MG Freedom ver 2.0 in so many aspects, but the parts of the Justice that may have been salvaged from the 1/100 kit doesn’t match any from the old model kit especially the feet, armor skirt and the flyer at the back. looking at the flyer much closer it kind of resembles that of the RG version. Could this be a hint? Or we’re just overly analyzing things. Anyway, Bandai may have just given us something to talk about and speculate until they officially announce anything.

Sources: Gunpla Insider Info Board (Gtoys blog); Gundam Guy; Gunpla Taizen;

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