GUNPLA MOD BUILD: 1/144 XXXG-01H HEAVYARMS PART 3 – Hips, Knees & Ankles


Now I got the elbows modified, the next phase is going to be trickier and complicated.

the needed tools are as follows:


The blade knife, plamo side cutter, cement…

tools_02Sanding paper (180 & 400 grit), mini saw, pin vice drill (2mm bit), needle files…

tools_03Eraser, pencil, steel ruler…

item_02And of course, the leftover ABS runner.


The first thing I did was cut the upper part of the thigh just below the ball socket joint.


Next, I hollowed out the thigh parts to make room for the inner frame part that I’ll be scratch building later.

ha_303 I reused the poly cap socket joints from the ankles and encased them in a box made of 1.0mm pla plate, as seen in the photo above.

ha_304I borrowed the concept of the knee joints from the MG EW frame and scaled it down to match the 1/144 scale. I glued two layers of 1.0mm pla plates to create the double jointed knee, I drilled 2mm holes and fabricated 2mm ABS pegs for the double joints.

ha_305The thighs with the scratch built inner-frames and knee joints.

ha_306After the knee joint, I cut off the back part of the feet and the ball joint. I used the poly caps from the hip joints and transplanted them on the feet. I fabricated right angle joints for the ankles to give the feet wider swivel movement.

ha_307For added articulation, I cut off the ankle armors from the legs. I hollowed out the legs and glued together the ankle armors which will be installed later on the new ankle joints.

ha_308Here’s a mockup of the legs with new joints. As you can see, I sort of created an inner-frame for the legs from the hip, to the knee and down to the ankle.

Other views of the leg inner-frame.

ha_311Bend test is a success! The knees can now bend 180 degrees.

Bend test with leg armor.

ha_315The knee joint prototype works as it was designed to.

Inner details of how the inner-frame are mounted inside the leg armor.

Ankle armor pegs are installed in the ankle joints. This is what will hold up the ankle armor in place.


Leg assembly with ankle armor.

ha_321With the new joints, the old 1/144 Heavyarms can now do a kneeling pose without effort. I just need a way to fix the front skirts.

Joints upgrade for the legs is complete! Now, I can make the Heavyarms do more interesting poses.

ha_329Next mod work will be for the Gatling gun handle.

2 responses to “GUNPLA MOD BUILD: 1/144 XXXG-01H HEAVYARMS PART 3 – Hips, Knees & Ankles

  1. Wow, really a great job…you’re inspired me to custom my 144 gw kit..keep up the good work bro, really want to see the finish kit..

  2. If you were a build fighters character you’d be iori sei. Great job! I’m gonna borrow your ideas to make a fully articulated stargazer revive 💓

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