A Quick Look! P-Bandai HGCE Sword Impulse

Who is excited about the new 1/144 HGCE Sword Impulse?


Look at that cool looking machine. I want one!!

Not sure when this item will be available at the Gunpla shop nearby, but I bet this will fetch a hefty price (nearly double the regular HGCE kit). Making an exclusive out of a previously mass produced kit, why do you do this Bandai? WHY!?


Just look at that cool stance, I REALLY WANT ONE!!

Looking at the new images, it’s noticeable that this version of the Sword Impulse is sporting bigger swords and beam boomerangs.


A quick comparison with the old HG Sword Impulse kit.

Yep, it looks more streamlined than the older kit, and not to mention that it has more separate color plastic. The new HGCE revive version of the Impulse kit is great and all, but I don’t think it supports the armaments of the older Impulse kit.


Looking at the back of the Impulse kit, you’ll immediately notice two round holes at the back, in which I assume where the folded core Splendor will be attached. The old HG Impulse uses the holes on the upper corners of the torso to connect the silhouette armaments.

Now, let’s get on to the add-ons and gimmicks Bandai included with this updated kit.


Yeah…We’ve seen those in the promo photos, but what do they really look like out of the box?


Welp…that takes the fun out of the entire thing. Like the old HG Sword Impulse kit the silhouette flyer and the core splendor is molded in white plastic, not to mention the Freedom Gundam torso to be used to replicate the scene from the anime where the Impulse impales it with a huge sword.


(1/144 HGCE Freedom Gundam kit sold separately)

With all that hype, Bandai should have at least molded the torso in separate color plastic, but this is a P-Bandai exclusive after all where they charge extra for parts made cheap. You need some degree of painting skills to make this look acceptable.


The huge impaling sword is molded entirely in white and it splits into three pieces.


You just replace the middle section with the Freedom’s torso and, VOILA! An impaled Freedom Gundam.


Take that! Kira Yamato!!

Although Shin is a prick, I like his first unit. I was so loving the moment when Athrun ripped the Destiny Gundam’s wings off.

I’m dying to get my hands on the new HGCE Impulse kit, but due to my limited funds I have to prioritize the kits I’m getting each month and the Impulse is not on the top 5 list.

Image sources: Gundam Guy,  Disappearance of Dendero – Gunpla Review

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