Gunpla HAUL! Report #001

Well, since I’m still collecting Gunpla stuff I figured I put them up to mark how many I have gathered or will be gathering from this point on.

With that out of the way, here’s my proper Gunpla Haul Report # 01 for the month of November and December (2016).

Let’s start with my November Haul!


The package arrived on the 8th of November (2016) containing two items, a P-Bandai 1/100 MG Heavyarms Custom and a 1/144 NG Strike Gundam kit.


My main purchase is this glorious P-Bandai Exclusive 1/100 MG Heavyarms Custom. I was about to go on ebay to buy it, but the local Gunpla shop informed me that they’ll be receiving a shipment of this item, so I instantly purchased one right after this item became available on the shop’s web page.


The Heavyarms purchase came with this freebie, a No Grade 1/144 Strike Gundam kit. I never thought that I’d come across one of these kits again. I remember buying a few of these NG kits back in 2004. Getting my hands on this kit rekindled my interest in collecting these obscure kit line.

Three days later, I went out and bought a Build Fighters Support Parts “Giant Gatling” kit, an Action Base 01, 1/144 Builder Parts HD “MS Hand 04” (which I plan to use on the Physalis Gundam), 2 small scale vernier upgrade parts (which I plan to use on some Limited Model kits that I bought some time ago). That wraps things up for the November Haul.

The parcel for the December Haul arrived on the 5th (2016).


The package contained three items, a 1/100 MG RX-78-5 kit, Build Fighters Support Unit “Northern Pod” parts (for my planned 1/144 GX-bit conversion project), and the 1/144 HG 105 Dagger+Gunbarrel kit.


I have been wanting to have this kit since 2007 because other than the Heavyarms, this Gundam also wields a huge Gatling gun. I originally planned on bashing this kit to build a 1/100 Heavyarms ver Ka model, but since Bandai already produced a normal MG kit, there was no need for me to do that, but I still wanted this kit BADLY! I got it at 10% discount too. Below are more shots of the side of the box.

Since I got a discount on the MG RX-78-5 kit, I suddenly found myself with extra cash, so I decided to finally buy a 1/144 HG 105Dagger with Gunbarrel kit. Actually, I’m only after the Gunbarrel which I plan to install on a Revive HGCE 1/144 Strike Gundam kit.


Surprisingly, this kit comes with a stand compatible with the Gunbarrel and the MS.



Now, we move on to the Northern Pod parts! What can I say… I became interested in this kit because it sports a familiar head unit.I have heard that there is a conversion resin kit for the 1/144 GX Gundam to become the GX-bit, but sadly that kit is now sort of extinct. My only hope on getting a 1/144 GX-bit is to scratch build one, with a readily available head unit, customizing a GX Gundam to become a GX-bit suddenly became easier.

The last parcel to arrive this December is the one from Japan!


The 1/144 NG Launcher Strike and Sword Strike Gundam kits. As part of my 1/144 NG collection campaign, I kick-started it by getting myself these two. I got them fairly cheap so I bought two together, I actually plan to use the Launcher and Sword packs to build a 1/144 HG version.


I got so much stuff I haven’t started assembling the MG kits. Hopefully, I’ll get around in doing that in the near future…

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