Gunpla Mod Build: 1/144 XXXG-01H Heavyarms Part 1 – Manipulators

Finally! I got my grubby mitts on an old 1/144 Heavyarms kit from the 90’s and although it looks cool and all, it needs a major upgrade. ha_018

The first to go are those nasty poly cap hands, I’ll replace them with these babies! The 1/144 HG Build Fighters Support Parts, Jigen Build Knuckles ‘Kaku’.


This is the square type. You can tell it’s for the good guys right off the bat.

Thank goodness for these new knuckles!


Not that K’nuckles!

Sorry, I just had to put that in there.

Although there are the HD Builder Parts Hands, I found out that even the small size hands don’t look good on these beefy 90’s kits, I had to buy three versions of the HD hands just to find out at the end that I can’t use them on this sort of project. Now you guys know! Use the Build Fighter Hands, not the HD Builder Parts.

Each modeler has their own style and techniques in how they go about their works and I’m going to show you the tools I use and how I modify. If you’re already a pro modeler, you don’t need to follow how I do my mod work, but if you’re a novice and you want to expand your knowledge, stick around. You might learn a thing, or two.

These are the tools I’ll be using on this mod work.


The standard, knife cutter, cement pen, plamo side cutter and a super thin cement (the extra cement is optional).


Pla Plates with various thickness.

In this mod work, I’ll only be using the 0.5mm pla plate. Now, on with the mod work!

ha_101Unfortunately, the diameter of the ball joint of the new Jigen Build Knuckles is smaller than the ball socket on the wrist of the Heavyarms. To fix this little problem, I had to fill in the socket cavity with thin polystyrene sheets, as shown below.


Thin strips of 0.5mm pla plates are cemented on the opening of the ball socket to accommodate the smaller ball joint of the Jigen Build Knuckles.

ha_103Here’s a quick comparison of the new knuckle with the old poly cap knuckle.

ha_104Now the Heavyarms look cooler than before. Below are more sample shots of the Heavyarms with new hands.

The new hands do add a new character to the old Heavyarms kit. This is just the first phase of the mod build, next are the elbow joints!

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